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This page shows a listing of all 4 bottles that are found in Twilight Princess, with descriptions that include where to find them and how to obtain them. In addition, the page lists each item that can be stored in a bottle.

Bottle Locations

Bottle - Ordon Village (Sera's Sundries)

Bottle 01 - TP.jpg

Conditions - Reaching Ordon Village for the second time

When you enter Ordon Village for the second time you are faced with a series of objectives. One of them is to find Sera's Cat, and bring it back to the Sera's Sundries. To do this, get the Fishing Rod from Uli, and head over to the house with the waterwheel. Behind it is Sera's Cat, trying to catch a fish. Take out the new fishing rod and throw it into the water. When it starts sinking below the water, pull it back up to get a fish on the line. Do this a second time to catch another fish, and the cat will run off with it back to Sera's Sundries. Walk over there and head inside. Sera will give you a bottle filled with a little bit of Milk inside.

Bottle - Faron Woods (Coro's Shop)

Bottle 02 - TP.jpg

Conditions - Twilight cleared from Faron Woods

After clearing the Twilight from Faron Woods, head over to Coro's Shop. He will sell you a bottle filled with Lantern Oil for only 100 rupees. Buy it from him to get the second bottle.

Bottle - Upper Zora's River (Hena's Fishing Hole)

Bottle 03 - TP.jpg

Conditions - Twilight cleared from Lanayru Province

In the far north section of Upper Zora's River, head into the door marked as Hena's Fishing Hole. Don't rent out a boat; instead, walk outside to the pond and around the west side. Keep walking until you reach a sign that says DON'T LITTER. Take out the fishing rod, and throw it into the water northwest of the bridge. Fish here until you pull up the empty bottle.

Bottle - Castle Town (Jovani's House)

Bottle 04 - TP.jpg

Conditions - Collect 20 Poe Souls

Collect 20 Poe Souls after receiving the task from Jovani. Use Wolf Link to dig through a hole near the front door of his house. He will give you the 4th and final bottle for collecting the souls, filled with Great Fairy's Tears.

Bottled Items