Coro's House

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Coro's House




Coro's House is a location situated within Faron Woods in Twilight Princess. It is home to a quirky character named Coro, who typically sits outside his house selling Lantern Oil to visitors who pass by. The only time Link sees the inside of his house is in wolf form, when Twilight covers the Faron Province. During this time, Coro huddles in the corner as a spirit while two Shadow Insects sucrry around. Link kills the two Shadow Insects to receive Tears of Light.

Coro's Shop

For the majority of the game, Coro sits outside his house in front of a pot where he sells Lantern Oil.[1] The first time Link sees Coro, he gives Link the Lantern, saying it's a business tactic.[2] The second time Link passes Coro, he is offered a Bottle full of Lantern Oil for 100 Rupees.[3] After using the oil Link can keep the bottle, making it a great deal. From then on out, Coro offers Link a refill of Lantern Oil for only 20 Rupees.[4]


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