Jaggle's House

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Jaggle's House

Jaggle's House is a location in Twilight Princess. It can be found in the first province of the game, Ordona, more specifically within Ordon Village. This location serves as the home of Jaggle and his family, which includes his wife, Pergie, and their two sons, Malo and Talo.


With the help of a mysterious imp named Midna, Wolf Link escapes his imprisonment in the dungeons of Hyrule Castle. Immediately after, the hero and Midna return to the province of Ordona. Midna asks Link to find her a sword and shield within Ordon Village.[1] The Ordon Shield can be found in Jaggle's House.[2] The shield itself is located on the wall inside. Link has to roll into the wall a couple of times in order to knock the shield down. Once collected, Link can leave the home through a small window.




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