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The Throne Room takes up a small section in Hyrule Castle. It serves as the seating area for the Royal Family of Hyrule, most notably Princess Zelda. This room has appeared in multiple games from The Legend of Zelda series to date.


A Link to the Past

Immediately after Link rescues Zelda from her cell in A Link to the Past, they embark to escape from the Castle. Upon entering the Throne Room, it becomes clear that there is a secret passageway behind the Ornamental Shelf, of which Link pushes aside so the two can escape.

The Minish Cap

In the beginning of The Minish Cap, Link is allowed to roam freely around certain areas of Hyrule Castle. The Throne Room is one of these areas. As the game progresses, Link will eventually face a Darknut within this very room. Once the enemy is defeated, he'll need to push the throne and continue on with his journey.

Twilight Princess

The Throne Room is towards the top of Hyrule Castle in Twilight Princess. Once Link makes his way to this room, he is confronted by Ganondorf who is occupying one of the thrones. Two battles ensue between the two of them, one of which is while Ganondorf possesses Zelda's body, and the either while in his beast form. After temporarily defeating Ganondorf, it can be noticed that the room has been destroyed beyond repair. Midna then teleports both Link and Zelda to Hyrule Field while she courageously stays behind to fight Ganondorf. The Throne Room is presumed to be completely destroyed following a large explosion afterwards.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, the Throne Room is where the Graduation Ceremony takes place, of which Link attends. It's unlike previous Throne Rooms seen, and includes a stain glass picture depicting Tetra, the first ruler of the land of New Hyrule. In this room there is one extremely tall chair and two doors guarded by two guards.

A Link Between Worlds

The Throne Room is the chamber in Lorule Castle where the final battle of A Link Between Worlds takes place. The room itself is empty, except for portrait of Zelda that hangs on the wall throughout the Lorule side of the main quest. This room is also where Link first meets Hilda.

Breath of the Wild

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