Palace of the Four Sword

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The Palace of the Four Sword is an optional dungeon in the Game Boy Advance port of A Link to the Past. In order to access this final dungeon, Link must beat Ganon in A Link to the Past and Vaati in Four Swords on the same save file.

Gaining Entrance


This dungeon is located on the eastern side of the Pyramid of Power in the Dark World, where a hole is visible in the wall. It can be accessed by starting on the top of the pyramid, then jumping down twice on the eastern side.

Inside, the way is blocked by a Pikku, who will ask for 20 rupees for "a profitable story". If Link has not beaten both Ganon in A Link to the Past and Vaati in Four Swords on the same save file, the "story" will be that "only true heroes can enter"[1] and they will continue to block the path. If he has beaten both final bosses, he will instead say that "this palace is here precisely for heroes like you"[2] and vanish.

If Link leaves, or uses the Magic Mirror to return to the entrance, the Pikku will reappear, and Link will need to pay him again to enter.

Dungeon Overview

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These are enemies Link can expect to encounter:


See also: Arrghus (A Link to the Past), Blind, Helmasaur King, and Mothula (A Link to the Past)

This dungeon contains four returning bosses: Blind, Mothula, Helmasaur King, and Arrghus. After each of these bosses is defeated, Link earns a shard of the Four Sword.

These are upgraded versions of some Dark World bosses and have minor differences such as upped health, upped attack, Helmasaur King regenerates his shield after a few hits and spits out helmasaurs and is immune to arrows in the first phase, Arrghus has Bari surrounding him now and moves faster in the second phase with Bubbles helping him, Mothula splits into three images and only gets hurt when the real one is hit if a clone is hit it turns into three bees (luckily there are no spikes or moving floors this time around), and Blind (now appearing as Link's Uncle) must have all his severed heads back on before taking any damage.


Main article: Dark Link (A Link to the Past)

The real boss of this dungeon is four Dark Links. After one is defeated, the next appears, each new one learning a new move and keeping the moves of the others. The order of them is: Green, Red, Blue, and Purple.


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