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Thief (Light World Counterpart)

The Pikku is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Pikku are fox-like creatures that appear in the Village of Outcasts and other locations throughout the Dark World. They are the counterparts to the Friendly Thieves from the Light World. Their appearance has changed due to the magic of the Triforce, in which they have changed into a shape that reflects their hearts.

Unlike other Pikku, these friendly Pikku will not try to harm Link or steal any of his items. Instead, they will help Link on his quest by giving up Rupees.


  • One Friendly Pikku can be found inside of a secret cave at the northeast corner of the Plains of Ruin. Link will need to blast open the entrance with a Bomb to find the Pikku. The Pikku will give Link 300 Rupees, but asks that Link not tell anyone that he gave them to him. Link can bomb the wall just above the Pikku to find a room with four Treasure Chests, each containing a Red Rupee.
  • One Friendly Pikku also can be found blocking the entrance to the Palace of the Four Sword. Link must pay him 20 rupees (after Vaati is beaten in the Four Swords game) to enter.