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The Bully is a character from A Link to the Past.


Link meets the Bully and his friend when he first enters the Dark World via a Warp Tile on top of Death Mountain near Spectacle Rock and the Tower of Hera. The Bully has become trapped in the Dark World during his search for the Golden Power and because he didn't get the Moon Pearl from the Tower, he changed into a form that best represents himself.

The Bully changed into a monstrous creature with sharp teeth, a horn on top of his head, and dark skin. His appearance was because of his nature as a bully. The Bully spends his time in the Dark World chasing and kicking his Friend due to his anger at the situation.

When he first speaks to Link before he has the Moon Pearl and his appearance is that of a pink bunny, the Bully makes fun of Link's looks and tells him to back off because he is mad at what he has become and hates that he didn't get the Moon Pearl first.

After Link gets the Moon Pearl from the Tower of Hera and returns to the area where the Bully is, his reaction is different in that he is surprised at his original form and that he now has the Moon Pearl. At the end of the game, the Bully can be seen with his friend back in the Light World in their true forms on top of Death Mountain. The Bully is still chasing his Friend, but this time it doesn't involve him kicking him around relentlessly; instead, they just hang out as friends should.

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