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Sahasrahla's Wife
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Sahasrahla (husband)
Sahasrahla's Grandson (grandson)

Sahasrahla's Wife is a character from A Link to the Past. She is the wife of Sahasrahla.

After Link rescues Princess Zelda and brings her to the Sanctuary, Link speaks with the Loyal Sage. Sahasrahla's house is marked on Link's map and Link is told to seek out the elder. Upon arriving at Sahasrahla's house in Kakariko Village, Sahasrahla is nowhere to be found, but instead, his wife can be found inside.

Sahasrahla's Wife tells Link about the history of the land and the Hylian people that inhabited it. The Hylia had hid treasures throughout the land, one of those treasures being the legendary Master Sword. This sword was forged to fight against those with evil hearts. Sahasrahla's Wife indicates that the sword is now sleeping deep in the forest.[1]

Sahasrahla's Wife encourages Link to keep looking for the elder. She mentions that someone in the Village must know where he is.[2]

After Link acquires the Master Sword, he can speak with Sahasrahla's Wife once again and she notices the change in Link. She asks that Link please save them from Agahnim the wizard.

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  1. "Who? Oh, it's you, Link! What can I do for you, young man? The elder? Oh, no one has seen him since the wizard began collecting victims... ... ... ... What? Master Sword? Well, I don't remember the details exactly, but... Long ago, a prosperous people known as the Hylia inhabited this land... Legends tell of many treasures that the Hylia hid throughout the land... The Master Sword, a mighty blade forged against those with evil hearts, is one of them. People say that now it is sleeping deep in the forest... ... ... ... Do you understand the legend? :Yes :Not at all" — Sahasrahla's Wife, A Link to the Past.
  2. "Anyway, look for the elder. There must be someone in the village who knows where he is. You take care now, Link..." — Sahasrahla's Wife, A Link to the Past.