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LA19 Kiki.png
Kiki in the remake of Link's Awakening




A Link to the Past
Dark World
Dark Palace Grounds
Link's Awakening
Kanalet Castle

Kiki[1] is a talking Monkey from A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening.

A Link to the Past


In A Link to the Past, Link encounters Kiki while journeying through the Dark Palace Grounds in search of the Dark Palace. Link finds Kiki within the garden, at which point Kiki begins to follow Link. Kiki loves Rupees and initially asks Link if he can spare 10 Rupees.[1] If Link declines to give Kiki the rupees, Kiki says that he has no reason to talk to Link anyway and subsequently stops following him and jumps back into the garden.[2] If Link agrees to give Kiki the Rupees, the monkey continues to follow him.[3]

While following Link, if Link takes any damage at all, Kiki immediately runs off back to the garden. If Link successfully makes it to the entrance of the Dark Palace, Kiki offers to open the entrance to the Dark Palace in exchange for 100 Rupees.[4] If Link declines, Kiki will, once again, run off, challenging Link to open it himself.[5] However, if Link accepts, Kiki jumps on top of the statues and opens the entrance to the first dungeon within the Dark World.

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Kiki is part of the long Trading Sequence featured in the game.[6] Link can give Kiki Bananas, and in return Kiki calls his monkey friends and builds a bridge that allows Link to reach Kanalet Castle.[7] After the bridge is complete, Kiki and his friends leave,[8] but not before leaving a Stick on the bridge.[9] This Stick can be used to continue the Trading Sequence.




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