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Trendy Gamester
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The Trendy Gamester is a minor character in Link's Awakening. He runs the Trendy Game, a popular pastime found in the southeast of Mabe Village.


The Trendy Gamester can be found standing behind the desk at the Trendy Game. For 10 Rupees, Link can play this game and win prizes, such as more Rupees, Magic Powder, a Shield, or the Yoshi Doll.[1]

When Link enters the Trendy Game Shop with Marin, she wants to play the game.[2] If Link lets her, she will pick up the owner with the crane. He compliments her, but then he says that pros are not allowed and kicks them out.[3]

In the Nintendo Switch remake, Link can also collect figures from the Trendy Game. If he collects them all, the Trendy Gamester will be impressed by his coordination and give him a Chamber Stone as a reward.[4] He will also allow Link to play the game for only 5 Rupees thereafter as well as refer to him as a champ.[5][6]



Known as the Trendy Game Shop Owner in The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia, the character was renamed as the Trendy Gamester in the 2019 Remake.



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