Yoshi Doll

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Yoshi Doll
Yoshi Doll Artwork




10 Rupees


First item in the Link's Awakening Trading Sequence; can be traded for the Ribbon


"You got a Yoshi Doll! Recently, he seems to be showing up in many games!"

— In-Game Description

The Yoshi Doll is a popular toy on Koholint Island,[1] being the first item in the Trading Sequence of Link's Awakening. The island's Trendy Game Shop has the doll as a prize.[2] Since it sits in the center, it is not as difficult to win as most of the prizes. Papahl's Wife tells Link that her baby wants a Yoshi Doll, but she couldn't win the prize.[3] Noticing that Link has won the doll, Papahl's Wife asks Link if he can give it to her baby.[4] If Link says yes, she remarks on how generous he is and gives him a Ribbon in exchange for the doll.[5][6]



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