Dog Food

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Dog Food
Sprite from The Minish Cap



Madam MeowMeow's House, Mabe Village (Link's Awakening)
Stockwell's Shop, Hyrule Town (The Minish Cap)



Trading for the Bananas (Link's Awakening)
Feeding Fifi for Empty Bottle (The Minish Cap)

The Dog Food is an item from Link's Awakening and The Minish Cap.

Link's Awakening


"You exchanged Text Ribbon.png for Text Dog Food.png! It's full of juicy beef!"

— In-game description

The Dog Food is the third item in the Link's Awakening trading sequence. After giving the Yoshi Doll to Mamasha, Link receives the Ribbon. He can use it to obtain the Dog Food by taking the Ribbon to CiaoCiao in Madam MeowMeow's House, who asks him for it because she is in need of new accessories.[1] Link can then take the Dog Food to Sale in his house to further the Sequence and obtain the fourth item: the Bananas.[2] Sale really likes canned foods, and the Dog Food makes him extremely excited.[3]

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Link finds the Dog Food behind the counter at Stockwell's shop in Hyrule Town. He can sneak back there by going through Mama's Cafe in to his shop as a Minish. Stockwell tells him that the item is not for sale, explaining that it is just food for his dog. He says that if Link feeds his dog, Fifi, then he can have the Bottle.[4] He then tells him that his dog is at his home and marks its location on Link's map.[5][6]


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