Tail Key

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Tail Key
Official artwork of Tail Key




Unlock Tail Keyhole, giving access to Tail Cave


"You've got the Tail Key! Now you can open the Tail Cave gate!"

— In-game description[1]

Tail Key is the first of five dungeon keys found in Link's Awakening that is used to unlock the entrance to Tail Cave.[2][3]

After salvaging his sword from the shipwreck on Toronbo Shores, Link is guided north of Mabe Village to the Mysterious Forest by the owl.[4][5] Upon arriving at the Mysterious Forest, the owl once again appears to explain that once Link finds the key from the forest, he should go to Tail Cave and use the key there.[6] After curing the curse on Tarin with the newly received Magic Powder, Link can then head deeper into the forest to find a treasure chest containing the Tail Key.[7] Before taking the key, the owl flies down, asserting that Link takes the key and heads to Tail Cave.[8] Once finding Tail Cave, Link must use the Tail Key on the Tail Keyhole, causing the gate to rise.



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