Link's Awakening Nintendo of Europe Spieleberater

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Der Spieleberater „The Legend of Zelda – Link's Awakening“


  • The guide visually looks and feels very similar to the A Link to the Past Nintendo of Europe Spieleberater.
  • Guide is loaded with official artwork from the first four Legend of Zelda titles. Many of these artwork pieces, even for earlier games, were never published before, and in some cases, were only ever published in this particular guide.
  • Artwork is spaced throughout the guide, including art for specific items, scenes, locations, and characters.
  • 7 Pages dedicated to the storyline of the first four Zelda titles.
  • A massive overworld artwork map highlighting all the various area in the game.
  • A 2-page character appendix, with descriptions and artworks for many of the games characters.
  • Complete item appendix with official artwork, a screenshot, and description for every item in the game.
  • Color-filled maps highlighting the specific areas found within the guide.
  • Detailed, colorful, and fully labeled maps for all the dungeons in the game.
  • Plenty of screenshots found throughout the guide.
  • Complete appendices for all Pieces of Heart and Secret Seashells.
  • 2 pages dedicated to the many glitches and secrets in the game.
  • An index is found on the last page, allowing for a quick search of specific terms.