Ocarina of Time Walkthrough – Forest Temple

7.1 Getting Epona

~ Castle Town In Ruins ~

After exiting the Temple of Time, you’ll see how Death Mountain has gotten even worse than before and the trees surrounding the Temple are dead. Back in the Market, you’ll see that everything is run down and there are zombies, known as ReDeads, everywhere! You saw a few of them as a child, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of them now…

There’s nothing we can do here yet, so make your way for the drawbridge. In the area right before Hyrule Field, the guardhouse on the left now houses the Ghost Shop, with a sadistic owner inside. Chat with him and store him away in your memory for a later quest.

Out in Hyrule Field, it’s actually more calm, since there are no longer any Stalchildren or PeaHats. Head for Lon Lon Ranch in the center of the field.

~ Lon Lon Ranch ~

Well, Talon (the fat sleeping guy) got kicked out and Ingo (the dirty worker in the stables) is now the owner of the ranch! You can find Malon in the stables, clutching a broom and afraid to leave the ranch out of fear that Ingo will mistreat the horses. Okidoky.

Run up to the corral in the center of the area and speak with Ingo to hear him gripe about how awesome he is. Anyway, he has a little pony ride you can partake in for 10 Rupees. Fork over the goods and you’ll appear inside the corral. Don’t take the horse he offers you, but play Epona’s Song (that we got as a child in a previous chapter) to make the best horse come to you.

Use her to jump both of the fences by pressing A shortly before you reach them. They’ll give you 20 Rupees in total, earning you back what you paid to ride in the first place. Go back to Ingo and Z target him while riding Epona and accept his challenge to a race when you think you’re ready.

Horse Race After riding horses at least once, pay Ingo again to enter the corral, then speak to him while riding Epona to race against him. You can use the regular horse he gives you, but you’ll never win because it’s so slow…

The first race is fairly easy. Ingo cheats and starts a second early, but he tends to take the corners pretty wide, giving a chance to slip ahead. Use A to speed up, but don’t use all of your carrots until the end. Either get ahead of him first and try to stay ahead of him by using your carrots slowly and blocking him, or wait until you’re near the end and speed past him by continually using carrots.

He’ll challenge you to a second race, this time offering you the horse. He’s a little more vicious now and will try to cut you off as soon as you get close. Just wait until you see a good chance and run for it.

After beating Ingo at both races, he’ll lock you in the ranch so you can’t leave. You can get out very easily though, simply get a running start and jump either the fence, or any of the shorter walls on any side. You’ll then witness a short triumphant clip of Epona jumping out of Lon Lon Ranch. Da-da!

If you enter Lon Lon Ranch afterwards, Ingo will once again be a timid ranch worker and Malon will recognize you.

7.2 Getting the Hookshot

From now on, you can use your trusty steed to get across Hyrule Field quickly; simply call her using Epona’s Song. Unfortunately, she can’t go very many places and is limited to Hyrule Field for the most part…

Make your way to Kakariko Village on the east side of the Field. There isn’t much to do here at the moment, so just head right on through to the Graveyard like Sheik told you to.

On the left side, there’s a soft soil spot that should have a plant in it if you planted a Magic Bean in the past like I told you. Don’t worry, you can go back later if you didn’t. If the plant is there though, ride it up to the ledge above and smash the crate to find another Piece of a Heart.

Right next to the Magic Bean Plant (left side of the Graveyard) is a grave with flowers in front of it. Pull back the grave to reveal a hole. Fall in. Inside, you’ll see a familiar character…

Dampe’s Amazing Cave Race This game is very simple. Follow the ghost of the dead grave keeper and don’t get left behind!

It’s pretty straight forward, for the first chunk, just follow the left wall. After you go through the first door, hug the right wall until you get to the big room, go through the right exit, then take a left and a right (purple flames).

After that door, go along the right side, then when you get to the ledges, climb either the one on the left or straight ahead. After that, just follow the path until the end.

After, you know… not losing… he’ll congratulate you and tell you to come again sometime. After he leaves, open the chest to find the Hookshot! With this, we can finally tackle the first temple. Go ahead and go for the open doorway.

The door closes behind you and you’re stuck with a giant blue block…? The game isn’t very clear at this point, but if you Z target it and press Up C, Navi will tell you it looks like the symbols in the Temple of Time. Play the Song of Time to get rid of the block. It actually only “moves” it to a nearby location, which isn’t really important except in the Master Quest for later puzzles.

In any case, climb the ledge and run up the stairs to find yourself in the top of the Windmill. Before you hop on down, you may notice a Piece of a Heart on a nearby ledge. Wait for the gears to turn your way and jump onto the spinning platform. Use it to reach the Heart Piece. You could have actually gotten this in the past with your Boomerang, but it’s awkward and we were coming here anyway.

You can talk to Guru Guru down below and learn the Song of Storms right now, but we don’t need it until much later, so I’ll mention it again when the time comes. On to the Forest Temple!

7.3 Return to the Forest

~ Two Skulltulas Beforehand ~

Now that we have the Hookshot, we can snag two Skulltula Tokens real quick. The first one is in Kakariko Village. Use the Sun’s Song to make it night, then go to the Skulltula House and Hookshot on top of the roof (you can do so by getting on top of the taller ledge nearby). From there, Hookshot onto the roof of Impa’s House across the way. If it’s night, you should hear the Skulltula… shinking away…?

The next one is back at Hyrule Castle. Upon entering, you should witness a scene admiring Ganon’s Castle and a gasp from our hero. There isn’t much to be done about it yet, so head right and go through the pillars. Turn around and on the right pillar you’ll see a Skulltula just a little over the ledge. Use your Hookshot to snag him.

~ Getting To The Forest Temple ~

Now that we have all the goodies out of the way, go ahead and get back to Hyrule Field and make your way to Kokiri Forest. Once you get there, you may notice a couple things different, like maybe even the fact that there are monsters everywhere… Maybe…

So everyone’s in their houses and have pointless things to say, but they also don’t recognize you because you grew up (unlike them).

There’s a new enemy here, the Big Deku Babas. They fight the exact same way as their smaller counterparts, but because they’re so tall, it mainly makes them awkward to fight than anything else.

There’s a Skulltula you can hear at night, so use the Sun’s Song, then go to the house closest to the Deku Tree (other than the shop) and follow your ears.

There’s nothing else we can do here, so ignore the plant infested village for now and climb up the vines to reach the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods Well you probably remember the route, it’s right, left, right… hey, it’s our old friend, “The Path Blocker!” If you talk to Mido, he’ll demand you have proof that you know Saria. Play Saria’s Song to make him get out of your way.

In the very next area, you can take a left to get a Skulltula, but it has to be night and you’ll have to have planted a Magic Bean there in the past. If you didn’t do that, you’ll have to do that later and return here.

To continue the way through the Lost Woods, the whole path is: right, left, right, left, straight, left, right.

Sacred Forest Meadow

This area is pretty straight forward, and these new enemies aren’t anything you can’t handle. The Moblins won’t change from their original path, so as long as you stay “out of their way” they can’t harm you. It’s only if you inch out too far and they see you that they’ll charge at you. Simply sneak around corners and run for the next alcove until you’re close enough to kill each one.

The Hookshot gets my vote for the best way to kill them all, but the sword can feel very vindicating, and bouncing Bombs off walls makes me feel so tricky =D Probably the only times they’ll really give you trouble is when you’re in one of the pools at the end. The last Moblin goes along an L path, which can mean a long wait before you can get out of the water and sneak past.

Once you finally get to the steps, you’ll find yourself faced with a giant one, known as a Club Moblin, for obvious reasons… He looks really intimidating, but he’s really easy once you get the hang of it. Just zig-zag to get close then slash away at his feet repeatedly until he falls over and drops tons of Rupees. Yippee!

Up the steps, you’ll witness a short clip in which Link looks at the stump his old buddy Saria used to sit on, then Sheik will appear out of nowhere (like usual) and start quoting more poetry. Afterwards, she’ll teach you a snazy little song that’ll allow you to teleport here anytime you want. Awesome!

Once she’s finally gone, you can enter the first temple. Before that however, there’s one more Skulltula we can get. It’s along one of the walls up high, only at night. If you wish to snag it, play the Sun’s Song to make it night, then the Minuet of Forest to be on the far end of the Meadow. Kill the Club Moblin again, then climb up the ladder at the end. Work your way left and use the Hookshot to claim the token.

When you’re ready, save and head to the end of the Meadow. Hookshot to the branch above the steps leading into the Forest Temple.

7.4 Forest Temple

~ First Two Rooms ~

This temple can get pretty confusing. Doors with the forest symbol above them are “forward” while ones without will be “backwards.”

Entrance Room As you enter, you’ll be immediately faced with two Wolfos at once. You can Z target one of them to make the other leave you alone. Remember that the trick is to wait until their back is to you to strike, as you’ll do double damage. A Jump Attack to the tail will kill them one hit!

Before heading through the door, climb the vine on the right, then plop down atop the tree on your left. From here, you can kill the skulltula on the vines and claim the token. Next, walk along the branches and jump to the other tree, where you’ll find a chest containing a Small Key.

With that, head into the next room.

Entry Hallway Here, all we have to do is kill the Large Skulltula that’s blocking the path. Use your handy Hookshot on them. It’ll kill them with one hit from either side, making these enemies incredibly easy from now on. Enter the next door.

~ Second Small Key ~

Grand Hall Welcome to the Grand Hall, the main room of this temple. As you enter, you’ll witness a short clip with the four colorful Poe Sisters removing their flames and disappearing into the four corners of the temple. We’ll get to them in a minute. First off, head straight to the opposite side of the room, climb up the ledge and up the stairs. Right before you enter the door, snag the Skulltula directly to your right.

Blue Bubble Hallway (North) This small room has a single, new enemy called a Blue Bubble. These flaming skulls are invulnerable to your sword until you stun them or knock them with your shield. Either dispose of it or avoid it, then go through the next door (with the forest symbol above it).

Stalfos Room (North) You’ll be locked in this room and immediately face off with two Stalfos. These new enemies can be quite difficult and do enough damage to kill you quickly this early on in the game. Use Z targeting to tackle one at a time, then just keep your guard up as you get close. Jump out of the way as soon as you see them jumping, and try to stab whenever you see an open spot.

When both of them dead, open the chest that appears to find the second Small Key. There’s a Fairy in the jars nearby if you need it, but if you don’t yet, put it in a bottle for later.

Return to the main room.

~ The Map And Third Small Key ~

Grand Hall From a map perspective, you’ll be heading to the northwest door, which has a Time Block in front of it (big blue cube). You saw one of these in Kakariko earlier. Play the Song of Time while standing next to it to make it disappear and enter the door.

Ruins (Northwest) As soon as you enter this room, you’ll see a Big Deku Baba right in your face. Kill it if you like or sneak past, then go right.

You’ll see some vines with Skullwalltulas on it. Kill the two lower ones with your Hookshot, then try to climb past the third. It may take a few tries, but it helps to be as far right as possible.

Enter the door once you get to the top.

Map Room Here, kill the lone Blue Bubble to make a big chest appear, containing the Dungeon Map. Enter the next door (with the symbol above it).

Ruins (Northeast)

Here, you’ll be confronted by a regular sized Deku Baba. Aww, they’re so small and cute now! Kill it. After that, Hookshot to the symbol above the nearby platform to land safely on it. Step on the switch.

This will cause the water in the well nearby to drain as well as the one in the previous open air room (it’s one and the same). Jump down into the water and climb up on land. There’s a Skulltula you can get now by using your Hookshot on the long side of the small chest on the ledge in the water… In either case though, climb down the well.

Within The Well Simply run to the other end and open the chest for a Small Key. Climb up on either side and go back to the main room.

~ Getting The Fairy Bow ~

Grand Hall Now that we have an abundant supply of Small Keys we don’t have to come back for, head through the locked door on the west side of the room.

Skulltula Hallway (West) Kill the Skulltula using your Hookshot, then head through the next door (with candles).

Block Room (West) Kill the Blue Bubble as you enter, then climb the first two ladders straight ahead and round the corner to find our first complex puzzle. It’s actually pretty simple, and they even have arrows on the floor! For some reason, this one tends to confuse people.

The first step is to pull the GREEN block:

* Pull it out until it lines up with the corner of the wall.
* Go on the left side and push it all the way back.
* Go around (using the now uncovered doorway) and push it back again until it clicks into a hole.

Before venturing onward, go back and climb the now uncovered ladder, then round the corner to find a RED block. Push it until it hits the wall.

Go back down the ladder and find your GREEN block. Climb atop it, then jump up to the next ledge on the right (yes, it’s kind of hiding there isn’t it?).

Round the corner and you’ll be reunited with the RED BLOCK. Push it all the way until it clicks into place as well.

Here, you’ll find two Blue Bubbles to kill, a silver eye switch to ignore for now and a locked door to go through. Go on, do it!

Twisting Corridor – West

Whoa. Just… whoa… Go through

Boss Key Room This strange little room is twisted around at a funky angle, and as you can probably guess, we’ll be returning at another angle later on. Navi will warn you that there’s a new enemy here: a Wallmaster. Don’t let it grab you, or it’ll deal a whole heart of damage and take you back to the beginning of the temple!

Anyway, just keep moving to avoid this one for now. Jump to the next platform, turn right and jump again.

Joelle’s Room

We can’t do anything in this room at the moment. Ignore the Poe laughter, go down the stairs and through the door.

Bow Room This room has another Stalfos and a large pit in the center. Be sure not to fall down, as it will take you back to the room where you fought the two Stalfos earlier… In any case, after you defeat this one, a platform floating above will come down and fill in the pit. Two more Stalfos will appear, but this time, if you don’t kill the second fast enough, the other will come right back!

When all three have been defeated, a large chest will appear. Open it to get the Fairy Bow. Yippee!

Next, we could go forward… but we’ll need keys here soon, so actually, if you think back, there were a couple silver eye switches in the room where we moved those colorful blocks…

~ Getting The Boss Key ~

Block Room At the very top of the room where you moved the Red and Green blocks, there are those two Blue Bubbles and a door with a silver eye switch above it. Now that we have the Bow, we can shoot the switch.

Twisted Hallway – West After doing so, go through the door to find that the twisted hallway has straightened, opening up a new path for us! Enter the small room from earlier, this time at a new angle and jump down to the large chest which contains the Boss Key!

It is possible to climb back up the ladder, but there’s something we need in the hole below. Jump down it.

~ Another Small Key ~

Blue Bubble Room After falling down the hole, you’ll have to defeat the two Blue Bubbles, which will open the nearby door.

Ruins (Northwest) You’ll find yourself back in the northwest room with the ruins. There’s another Skulltula you can get here by jumping out onto the pillars with recovery hearts on them. From there, you can kill the Skulltula on the wall and retrieve the token with your Hookshot.

Continuing on, there’s a Big Deku Baba blocking the way ahead. If you’re feeling lazy, you could just shoot it with arrows, or use Deku Nuts to stun it, seeing as they tend to drop them. After he’s defeated, check the last alcove on the right to find a door hiding in the shadows.

Floormaster Room Inside, you’ll find a single, new enemy called a Floormaster. Another rendition of the Wallmaster, these nasty things need to be defeated quickly. I find a good way to kill them is to Z target and use your shield to get close, then right after it attacks, run up and slash away. Quickly charge up a spin attack while it’s “dying” so you can unleash a single attack that’ll kill all three mini Floormasters at once!

After it’s been defeated, a small chest will plop down containing an ever elusive Small Key! Exit the door.

Ruins (Northwest) From here, you can either jump down and go to the main room, or exit through the door on your right. I suggest the latter.

~ First Two Poe Sisters ~

Block Room Make your way back to the room with the Red and Green blocks you pushed earlier, then scale to the top and shoot the silver eye switch. What? But the eye is already closed! Just remember, a lot of the stuff in this game can be “done again” to do bring it back to its original state. Anyway, this will “re-twist” the hallway.

Twisted Corridor – West Go back through the twisted corridor and the small, funky angled room, then jump across the two platforms to the door on your right.

Joelle’s Room Welcome back to the room with the giggling picture frames. At long last, you’ve probably already guessed what you have to do. When you get close to a portrait that has the ghost in it, the Poe will move into one of the other two frames. Use your Fairy Bow to shoot it from afar. Using the process of elimination, you’ll be able to shoot the Poe in all three picture frames. I find it easiest to do so from the middle level.

Once you’ve done all three, the first Poe Sister will appear and go to the lowest portion of the room. Meet up with her and smack her whenever you get a chance. She fights just like the regular Poes in the Graveyard. Use your shield all the time, then use either your sword, Bow or Hookshot every time her guard is down. After five good hits, she’ll burst into flames and all the red torches will be lit once again.

Snag the arrows she drops, then open the chest that appears to find a Small Key. Go through the door.

Bow Room Nothing left to do here, enter the next door.

Beth’s Room And here, we have the room of the second Poe Sister, Beth. Shoot these pictures and defeat her in the bottom half of the room alike her sister, which will light all of the blue torches in the dungeon.

At long last, enter the locked door at the top of this room.

~ The “Final Twist” ~

Twisted Corridor – East Hmm, another funky angled room which comes with another Wallmaster that Navi will warn you about. There’s nothing to be done in this small room at the moment, so either jump across, or jump down and climb up the ladder to get to the area on your right.

In this hallway, you’ll find a new enemy: Green Bubbles. They’re basically just like the blue ones you encountered earlier, except they only go in circles and they occasionally stop having flames. Really, a pretty worthless obstacle.

Kill them if you like, I prefer to just walk around them. Use your last Small Key on the locked door at the far end.

Lava Room In this room, our goal is to melt the silver eye switch on the other platform. First jump onto one of the moving platforms in the middle. From here, you can either shoot the switch through the torch in the middle when you’re on the opposite side, or just jump on the same platform it’s on and use Din’s Fire.

This will twist the hallway you just came from.

Twisted Corridor – East Now that it’s all twisted, jump down into the hole that appears.

~ Last Two Poe Sisters ~

Checkerboard Room This long room with a checkerboard floor is pretty easy, but the screen angle changes, which can make things a little awkward. In this new view, you can’t use Z targeting at all, and any of your ranged weapons merely aim around while you can still move.

Wait for the ceiling to fall to see the next path you can take. Squares that have shadows on them will have a Skulltula who will drop down on you. Use the funky camera angle to your advantage by holding down the Hookshot C button, and releasing it when standing next to a Skulltula so you can stand in that square.

In any case, make your way to the switch, which unlocks the next door on the other side of the room.

Amy’s Room This room starts out with a simple puzzle. Get away from the shadows on the floor, then shoot the giant picture of Amy to make the five blocks fall from the ceiling. You have a minute and ten seconds to piece them together. If, for whatever reason, you mess up or run out of time, just exit the room and come back in to reset the puzzle (the first set is the easiest).

The first step is to get rid of the blue block in the middle, then quickly push and pull the rest towards the center. I suggest pulling them all towards a specific block (so you don’t move one of them at all). It’ll save you time.

After all four blocks are aligned correctly, Amy will appear. Defeat her the same way you did her sisters, which will light the flame and open the nearby door.

Another Skulltula Hallway Kill the Skulltula in this hallway and enter the next door, which leads back to the main room.

Grand Hall – Meg There’s nothing exciting up on this ledge, so go ahead and jump down. You’ll find the last Poe Sister, Meg, chuckling (or crying?) in the middle. Go up to her to initiate her little battle.

Meg doesn’t fight like her sisters; she has the ability to make four illusions of herself. If you don’t find the real one quick enough, she’ll smack you, dealing half a heart in damage. Now, you can kill them all at once with things like a Spin Attack, Din’s Fire and Deku Nuts, but they aren’t that effective because she’s invulnerable to those attacks.

To defeat her, simply stand there and wait for her to appear. After she does, the real one will spin around one more time than the others. Z target that one and shoot her with your bow. After doing this five times, Meg will return to being a flame once more, causing the elevator from the beginning of the temple to be available once more.

Slash the pots and the like nearby if you need arrows or health, then go down the elevator.

~ Turning ~

This room is very simple. Our goal here is to get rid of the bars blocking the hallway that leads to the Boss Room. To do that, you’ll have to turn the room by pushing on one of the two big… handles… on either side of the room. This will spin the wall, opening up small alcoves on the sides.

Turn the room counter-clockwise once each time for the following steps:

This will open up the final hallway leading to the boss room. Make sure you’re all stocked up on arrows, fairies and health.

~ Boss Room ~

Walk up the ramp and into the arena. Curiously, you’ll find nothing. Turn around to leave and you’ll be blocked off. Ganondorf! Or… Almost…

Evil Spirit From Beyond, PHANTOM GANON

Your first temple boss can be difficult if only because he does a lot of damage and his attacks are hard to avoid if you mess up. The first half of the battle is similar to your recent battle with Meg, the fourth Poe Sister. The boss will come out of one of the six pictures along the wall along with an illusion. At the last second, the illusion will turn around and run back up the path, while the real one will come out and zap the middle of the arena. If you’re not fast enough, this will do a whole two hearts of damage.

A good method is to stay on one side of the room rather than standing in the middle. Also, his lightning attack NEVER hits any of the corners… After three successful shots with your bow, his horse will abandon him and he’ll fight you alone.

For the second half, he’ll float around by himself and shoot less powerful orbs at you. While they’re easily avoided or dispersed with any other attack or merely holding up your shield, in order to stun him, you’ll have to play ping pong with him until one of you isn’t fast enough. Use your sword to smack his attack back at him multiple times until you hit him. Try to time your swings so that the tip of your sword will hit the orb. It is possible to just get very close to him and hope the first bounce you get hits him, but it’s hard to time it right and the stun doesn’t last as long.

Very rarely, he’ll make some pretty fireworks, then charge at you very quickly. Simply hold up your shield or move out of the way to avoid it. If he does hit you though, he’ll do three full hearts of damage! Yikes!

Once he’s been stunned, run up and slash away. Rather simple really, but can get quite frustrating. After a good thirteen hits, he’ll finally die.

After he’s been defeated, he’ll burst into blue flames and you’ll “read” the ominous voice of the real Ganondorf raving about how worthless a creation it was as he sends it to another dimension. Well, that’s encouraging. Be sure to snag the Heart Container, then step into the blue light.

7.5 Destiny

~ Temple of Light ~

You’ll appear inside the Chamber of Sages in the Temple of Light once again, along with the Sage of Forest, Saria. This part is sad, I just get this feeling like she’s trapped here all alone for the greater good of everyone else… Aww… Anyway, she’ll make insinuations like you both had feelings for each other and cough up the Forest Medallion. Woot.

~ Kokiri Forest ~

You’ll appear back in Kokiri next to the dead Deku Tree. Link will look down suspiciously at a strange little stub of a branch wiggling away on the ground before it abruptly springs into a small chubby tree.

After introducing himself as the Deku Tree Sprout, he’ll tell you a little story about Link’s past. There was a woman long ago who was hurt in a terrible war and sought protection from the Great Deku Tree for her child. The woman died shortly afterwards, and the Deku Tree could tell the child was destined for great things, so he and the children of the forest helped to raise the boy as one of them.

As a result, you’ve grown old because you’re actually a Hylian! All your Kokiri friends are still children. Well that’s nifty. When the clips are finally over with, go ahead and leave.

  • you have to target ganondorf when you are playing pingpong.
    When he falls, you have to hit him either with your arrows or slash at him with your sword.

  • thank you.

  • Max

    Protip on Wallmasters: For some reason I find that if you see the shadow forming under you and you pull out a first person item (like the bow or hookshot) it’ll just go away. Takes a bit of the edge off.

  • kyle

    does anyone know what the larger yellow eyes are for in the forest temple? not the silver ones that twist/untwist the hallways, but i noticed 2 other larger yellow ones which weren’t mentioned in this walkthrough!! thanks guys!!

  • christian

    I used a bottle for the entire second half of the phantom ganon battle. It seems to stay out longer than links sword

  • Queen Of LoZ

    At the start of the Forest Temple, when you’re supposed to jump from one tree to the other, the one with a chest on it –
    Its A LOT easier to just hookshot yourself from the first tree, directly to the chest: )
    Just a tip, I almost went crazy before the light over my head turned on xD

  • Kimberly Wilson

    the one in the grand hall opens up a door to another outdoors-y place, sadly i didnt get to see what the other one does because i didnt have a bow at the time and forgot where it was.

  • Korey Fonseca

    There’s a gold skulltula in the spinning room just before the boss within the Forest Temple.

  • Stephen

    The other one in the room with the blue and red blocks simply drops a chest with a bundle of arrows in it.

  • Preston Miller

    I think he was being sarcastic.

  • Preston Miller
  • Preston Miller

    I believe you can only do this after beating the Forest Temple. Other Sheik stands in the way.

  • Preston Miller

    Jumping in this game is difficult. I got too used to playing Skyward Sword.

  • Chirpy

    To reflect the magic Phantom Ganon threw at Link, I just spammed the attack button. Then he said I gained some skill.
    Yup. Skill.

  • Emms

    Don’t you find out earlier in the game that Link is a Hylian? Not the mother mortally injured.. but……

  • Martha L

    I used an arrow going through the torch into the “eye.” I didn’t even think of using the fire spell.

  • frid

    oh god i lost all arrows what do I do (N64playing)

  • frid

    oh nvm you just have to die and then buy arrows

  • Ulises Delgado Chio

    I didn’t put the magic beans in the graveyard, why does the walk-through says you can return later?

  • Emms

    They named the Poe Sisters for Little Women. Amy-Youngest Beth-Next Youngest Joelle-Josephine ( Jo ) Meg-Margaret Oldest

  • Emms

    You go back to the past after you beat the Forest Temple ( Otherwise Sheik won’t let you ) and put back the Master Sword. Go to the graveyard and plant the magic bean then go back to the graveyard in the future.

  • Emms

    I mean go back to the past by putting back the Master Sword in the Temple of Time.

  • zmfoo

    At the end of 7.3 you said the club moblin gives you tons of rupees, I think you meant TENS of rupees lol

  • Ulises Delgado Chio

    Can’t fin gold skulltula #52, you skipped it on the guide and I can’t understand Jordan’s comment about the location of it. Anyone?

  • Ulises Delgado Chio

    That one is Skulltula #51 in the walkthrough.

  • SmokinBowles

    7 month old comment so you’ve probably already dealt with it, but if not just wait until water temple.

  • Aaron Rhynas

    Just smash some jars or kill some enemies…

  • frid

    there were no jars and the only enemy was the boss

  • Aaron Rhynas

    Oh, you ran out of arrows mid boss fight. I didn’t realize that, sorry.

  • frid

    its ok

  • SuperWaffles65

    I accidentally left after the battle with “Ganon” without grabbing the heart capsule… /).- Anyway to go back or something w/o redoing the entire dungeon…?

  • Abdalwadood Mustafa

    The Puzzle One is the hardest and i can`t do it 🙁

  • Aleks

    You just need to go through the dungeon, no need to “re-do” it.. if that makes sense

  • Luke Eisenbarth

    The, Left, right, left, right, straight, left, right. section is incorrect. Sorry to point out the mistakes, but it is misleading. It should be right, left, right, left, straight, left, right.

  • Luke Eisenbarth


  • Mr. Pizzaman

    What happened with number 45 gold skulltella?

  • Shelby Carson

    Ok I am so lost. I just became adult link and I don’t have Eponas song. I was told by sheik to go to kakariko forest. But I have no idea what I’m supposed to do there. Halp!? I’m trying not to use the walk through too much but it seems like I keep missing important things.

  • Josh

    After completing the Forest Temple you can go back to the Temple of Time, go back 7 years and learn Epona’s Song if you missed it.

    You have to go to the Kakariko Graveyard, not the Kakariko Forest.

  • Josh

    Section 7.3: He doesn’t explicitly show it on an image, but he talks about it:

    The next one is back at Hyrule Castle. Upon entering, you should witness a scene admiring Ganon’s Castle and a gasp from our hero. There isn’t much to be done about it yet, so head right and go through the pillars. Turn around and on the right pillar you’ll see a Skulltula just a little over the ledge. Use your Hookshot to snag him.

  • Josh

    Hey Luke – Thanks, should read a bit easier now.

  • Master Sword

    uggghhh I need help with the second battle with the stalfos, oh and I didn’t get all the heart pieces as a kid plz help

  • Master Sword


  • Queen Of LoZ

    First block in Forest Temple block puzzle is BLUE (in my game) not green:)
    Btw i have lost several gold skulltullas from the forst chapter ? But it just have to be okey, i mean – most important for me is the skulltulla prizes: )

    This guide is totally one of Zelda Dungeon.net’s best guides! And funniest;)

  • Ocarina Of Time 3D has it as blue.

  • Queen Of LoZ

    Oh, thats right. thank you for clearing that up:)

  • Pehssego

    I have lost the Third Small Key, and now the door is closed, what do I do? .-.

  • Josh

    Just head back through the door that had the Song of Time block in front of it and follow the path through the well as before.

  • MisaTange

    BTW, since you always have access to the Minuet, the northernmost room (after the corridor with the Blue Bubble, where you had to fight two Stalfoses to get a Small Key) is a good way to get fairies if you’re in a difficult dungeon (since you can always use Faore’s [sp?] Wind) or something, since really the only thing standing between you and the fairies are the Wolfos in the beginning of the Temple (which you can even just ignore them) and a Blue Bubble (where you just need to remember it charges at you immediately when you enter the corridor). To repeatedly restock, just reenter the room where the fairy on the jar is.

  • Pehssego

    Thank you for everything! o/

  • Buck Buchanan

    I used the hookshot on Phantom Ganondorf.

  • Scotty J.

    There is a Fairy Fountain at the top of the maze just south of Forest Temple.

  • Froggman-tg

    One of my favorite things to do is to get the Biggeron sword before I do the forest temple. I hunt down Skulltulas until I can get the big wallet. From there I go through the sequence to get the Carpenters saw which I take to Biggeron by way of a plant ride to Goron CIty. Inside the Fire temple I go right – across the bridge and then jump across the gap on the left side of the rock blocking the way. From there just climb up the ladder. After that I simply jump off of the cliff and roll through where the rocks are raining down on you. Back in Kakariko village I’ll stop and buy a blue flame for 300 rupees and head to Zora’s domain where I thaw out the king and show him the prescription for eye drops. From there the rest is easy. The most aggravating part of the Forest Temple to me are the Blue Bubbles just before the Twisted Corridor, I only have to hit them with a Deku Nut and bash them once with the Biggeron Sword. It also makes a huge difference when fighting the three Stalfos to get the Fairy Bow.

  • JDB

    I can’t even kill the CLUB MOBLIN!!!!!! And I do the zig-zags. THAT”S NOT FAIR!!!!!

  • Nos Rin aka CTCO

    Okay, ya. That chest on that small ledge with a door above it. I’m not seeing how to get to it. Clearly you have to get to it from another room but that way is blocked and I still can’t find a tutorial who knows how to get to it. Is it there just to mock me?!

  • caso0

    You should have 11 completed heart containers before entering the Forest Temple, not 10. This guide overlooks a few heart pieces you can get as a kid even before going inside Jabu Jabu’s Belly.

  • Lonk

    Hi… not sure if anyone is reading this, but I am SURE I 100% followed this walkthrough until now, and I only have 52 instead of 53 gold skultallas. I know the prize for 100 is pretty bad, but I still want to complete this game.

    Are there any spots you think were missable or unclear in this section?
    (BTW I have 3DS version :3)

  • Josh

    The last Skulltula in this chapter (#53) isn’t explicitly mentioned, but there is a picture and map of it right before the boss. Otherwise…you’ll probably just have to go back and look. Check for spots in the walkthrough where two skulltulas are mentioned at a time instead of just one.

  • popcar2

    I just wanna say thanks to whoever makes these. This is the first time I’ve played OoT and I’m having a blast… Until I get stuck somewhere and spend 2 hours backtracking… I had no idea you could push the graves. I tried bombing them and then left 😛
    So thanks!

  • Max

    I’v been collecting the golden skulltula’s, killed the one at the entrance to the temple, right of the stairs, outside near the ledge and the one down the bottom before you go to the boss. But it’s not coming up on the map saying Iv killed them all, Iv looked at this and #51 and #52 have been doubled up on the same location, but only one was there? Looked through the rest of the walk through and no mention for #52 location in a picture. Any suggestions

  • Josh

    #51 and #52 are not in the same location. #51 is shown on the map for the Northeast Ruins section, and the token for #52 is shown in the Northwest Ruins section in the screenshot below.


  • canedz

    where’s the magic seed/magic plant?? im pretty sure i planted one.. even the soil is gone

  • canedz

    here’s the magic seed/magic plant? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f6f4188a717a22251b72e5fa655b8db1f72138fe75ad1487a3997ca30dca825.png ? im pretty sure i planted one.. even the soil is gone…

  • Gabe Anderson

    I’ve noticed that some soil spots have disappeared. I planted three magic seeds when link was a kid and I can only find the one that I put near the windmill on Lake Hylia…

  • Feutixlle

    The walkthrough says that i was supposed to get Epona’s Song as a kid in the previous chapter, but i looked back in the walkthrough and nothing is there? Also im an adult now so i can’t get Epona’s song? What can i do?

  • Feutixlle

    Update ; I realised there was a part where i was supposed to learn Epona’s Song, is there a way that i can go back? (i am an adult now)

  • Harry Geeves

    After you’ve beaten the Forest Temple, go to the Temple of Time and put the Master Sword back in its pedestal.

  • Fryvanlee

    Playing this on an emulator on the phone sometime gives a bit cancer especially whit the amings. Came here cause i was stuck whit the epona song story glad i’m not the only dude whit the graveyard problem ^^ this game is really something to bad i realised to collect those golden scuddels. This walks throw is so nice and safes a lot of time ! Thanks Dude!

  • Skulltula No: 52 can be missed so easily. you should put a map where it is

  • Elijah Dean

    Skulltula #44 I had to get on the other roof and found it.

  • Elijah Dean