Minuet of Forest

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Minuet of Forest
Minuet of Forest from the Nintendo 64 Version of Ocarina of Time


Learned from

Ocarina of Time
Sacred Forest Meadow


How to Perform

N64 A ↑ ← → ← →


Ocarina of Time
Lets you warp to the Triforce Pedestal in Sacred Forest Meadow.

The Minuet of Forest is the first song Link learns in Ocarina of Time used for teleporting. There are six of these songs in the game, and they are commonly used to teleport Link to outside a Dungeon, except the Prelude of Light. Like all the songs in the game, it is played on the Ocarina.

How to Learn it

In oreder for Link to learn it, he has to head back to the Sacred Forest Meadow through the Lost Woods as an adult. This is the location of the first dungeon as Adult Link, the Forest Temple. On his way through the Lost Woods, Link will find Mido blocking the way somewhere in the Lost Woods. Link must play Saria's Song to get past him. This will make him realize that Link knows Saria. When Link gets to the meadow, much harder enemies will be there than before. When Link comes to where he last met Saria, a cutscene involving Sheik will occur, and he will teach Link the Minuet of Forest. This song will teleport Link to the Triforce Pedestal outside the Forest Temple.

How to Play it

To play it in the original Ocarina of Time, use the C-Buttons to play the following notes: A ↑ ← → ← → .

To play it in the 3D version, play the following notes: L A X Y X Y.