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Magical Rings are rings found in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages which can affect Link's abilities. There are 64 Rings in a total, many are found within specific locations of particular games. Other are randomly found by bumping into Maple, inside of a Gasha Nut, or through a Fortune Link. Rings that are exclusive to one game can be transferred to the other game using the Ring Secret.

List of Magical Rings

Info Location
# Icon Name Description Tier?[1] Oracle of Seasons Oracle of Ages
1 Friendship-Ring.png Friendship Ring Symbol of a
- Vasu in Horon Village Vasu in Lynna City
2 Power-Ring-1.png Power Ring L-1 Sword damage ↑
Damage taken ↑
- Explorer's Crypt Spirit's Grave
3 Power-Ring-2.png Power Ring L-2 Sword damage ↑↑
Damage taken ↑↑
3 Crescent Island
4 Power-Ring-3.png Power Ring L-3 Sword damage ↑↑↑
Damage taken ↑↑↑
- Complete Hero's Cave (linked)
5 Armor-Ring-1.png Armor Ring L-1 Damage taken ↓
Sword damage ↓
- Great Moblin's Keep
6 Armor-Ring-2.png Armor Ring L-2 Damage taken ↓↓
Sword damage ↓↓
- A cave on Goron Mountain
7 Armor-Ring-3.png Armor Ring L-3 Damage taken ↓↓↓
Sword damage ↓↓↓
- Complete Hero's Cave (linked)
8 Red-Ring-Oracle.png Red Ring Sword damage x 2 - Defeat four Golden Beasts
9 Blue-Ring-Oracle.png Blue Ring Damage taken=1/2 - Sea of No Return
10 Green-Ring.png Green Ring Sword damage ↑
Damage taken ↓
11 Cursed-Ring.png Cursed Ring 1/2 Sword damage
Damage taken x 2
12 Experts-Ring.png Expert's Ring Punch when not
13 Blast-Ring.png Blast Ring Bomb damage ↑ - Western Coast
14 Rang-Ring-1.png Rang Ring L-1 Boomerang
damage ↑
- Samasa Desert
15 GBA-Time-Ring.png GBA Time Ring Life Advanced! - Advance Shop in Lynna Village
16 Maples-Ring.png Maple's Ring Maple meetings ↑ 2
17 Steadfast-Ring.png Steadfast Ring Get knocked
back less
- Sword & Shield Maze
18 Pegasus-Ring.png Pegasus Ring Lengthen Pegasus
Seed effect
- Sea of Storms
19 Toss-Ring.png Toss Ring Throwing
distance ↑
2 Big Bang Game
20 Heart-Ring-1.png Heart Ring L-1 Slowly recover
lost Hearts
- Linked Game
21 Heart-Ring-2.png Heart Ring L-2 Recover lost
3 Treasure Chest Game
22 Swimmers-Ring.png Swimmer's Ring Swimming speed ↑ - Linked Game
23 Charge-Ring.png Charge Ring Spin Attack
charges quickly
24 Light-Ring-1.png Light Ring L-1 Sword beams
at -2 Hearts
- Nuun Highlands
25 Light-Ring-2.png Light Ring L-2 Sword beams
at -3 hearts
- Shooting Gallery
26 Bombers-Ring.png Bomber's Ring Set two Bombs
at once
- Goron Dance
27 Green-Luck-Ring.png Green Luck Ring 1/2 damage from
- Subrosian Brothers Mayor Plen
28 Blue-Luck-Ring.png Blue Luck Ring 1/2 damage from
1 Cave in the Present
29 Gold-Luck-Ring.png Gold Luck Ring 1/2 damage from
- Ambi's Palace
30 Red-Luck-Ring.png Red Luck Ring 1/2 damage from
spiked floors
2 Lynna Village Shooting Gallery
31 Green-Holy-Ring.png Green Holy Ring No damage from
1 Goron Dance Hall
32 Blue-Holy-Ring.png Blue Holy Ring No damage from
Zora's fire
1 Lynna Village Shooting Gallery
33 Red-Holy-Ring.png Red Holy Ring No damage from
small rocks
1 Subrosian Dance Hall Zora Seas
34 Snowshoe-Ring.png Snowshoe Ring No sliding on
- Mamamu Secret
35 Rocs-Ring.png Roc's Ring Cracked floors
don't crumble
36 Quicksand-Ring.png Quicksand Ring No sinking in
2 Cave in North Horon Big Bang Game
37 Red-Joy-Ring.png Red Joy Ring Beasts drop
double Rupees
38 Blue-Joy-Ring.png Blue Joy Ring Beasts drop
double Hearts
- Linked Game
39 Gold-Joy-Ring.png Gold Joy Ring Find double
- Rolling Ridge in the Present
40 Green-Joy-Ring.png Green Joy Ring Find double
Ore Chunks
- Mt. Cucco
41 Discovery-Ring.png Discovery Ring Sense soft
earth nearby
- Gnarled Root Dungeon Spirit's Grave
42 Rang-Ring-2.png Rang Ring L-2 Boomerang
43 Octo-Ring.png Octo Ring Become an
1 Lynna Village Shooting Gallery
44 Moblin-Ring.png Moblin Ring Become a
1 Cave east of Snake's Remains
45 Like-Like-Ring.png Like Like Ring Become a
Like Like
1 Jabu-Jabu's Belly
46 Subrosian-Ring.png Subrosian Ring Become a
- Mt. Cucco
47 First-Gen-Ring.png First Gen Ring Become
48 Spin-Ring.png Spin Ring Double Spin
- Plen Secret
49 Bombproof-Ring.png Bombproof Ring No damage from
your own Bombs
4 Goron Dance Hall
50 Energy-Ring.png Energy Ring Beam replaces
Spin Attack
51 Double-Edged-Ring.png Dbl. Edge Ring Sword damage ↑
but you get hurt
52 GBA-Nature-Ring.png GBA Nature Ring Life Advanced! - Advance Shop in Horon Village
53 Slayers-Ring.png Slayer's Ring 1000 beasts
- Vasu Vasu
54 Rupee-Ring.png Rupee Ring 10,000 Rupees
- Vasu Vasu
55 Victory-Ring.png Victory Ring The Evil King
Ganon defeated
- Start game with Hero's Secret Start game with Hero's Secret
56 Sign-Ring.png Sign Ring 100 signs
- Sign-Loving Subrosian
57 100th-Ring.png 100th Ring 100 rings
- Vasu Vasu
58 Whisp-Ring.png Whisp Ring No effect
from jinxes
59 Gasha-Ring.png Gasha Ring Grow great
Gasha Trees
60 Peace-Ring.png Peace Ring No explosion
if holding Bomb
61 Zora-Ring.png Zora Ring Dive without
62 Fist-Ring.png Fist Ring Punch when not
63 Whimsical-Ring.png Whimsical Ring Sword damage ↓
Sometimes deadly
64 Protection-Ring.png Protection Ring Damage taken is
always one Heart

Random Ring Tiers and Locations

31 rings can be found randomly from certain sources, including the Treasure Chest Game, the Wild Tokay game, Gasha Trees, Maple encounters, Fortune Link, and certain one-time events. However, these events will only yield rings in a certain tier group or a range of tiers, as defined in the table below.[1]

Source Possible Tier(s)
Treasure Chest Game 1 (3 consecutive chests)
2 (4 consecutive chests)
3 (5 consecutive chests)
Gasha Trees 1-5 (depending on location)
Maple encounters 2-3
Fortune Link 1-4?
Wild Tokay game 2
Lynna City Shop* 1 (300 Rupees)
Advance Shop* 3 (100 Rupees)
Subrosia Market* 1 (30 Ore Chunks)
1 (40 Ore Chunks)
1 (50 Ore Chunks)
2 (70 Ore Chunks)
buried in Spool Swamp* 2
buried in Subrosian Wilds* 2

*These rings can only be obtained once.


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