Lynna Village Shooting Gallery

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Lynna Village Shooting Gallery



Lynna City in the Past


10 Rupees


Hit the targets with a ball, which Link can use his sword to move


The Lynna Village Shooting Gallery is a mini-game from Oracle of Ages. It is found in western Lynna City in the Past. Link can play at this Shooting Gallery for 10 Rupees for various prizes.

How to Play


The room is divided into two sections: On one side, the lower side in which Link enters at, there is a small open area, with the owner standing at the far right. On the other side is a much larger area, with a small mechanism in the center, somewhat resembling a head. After Link speaks to the owner and pays him ten Rupees, the game will begin. As each round of the game begins, there will be a quick whistle, indicating a change will occur in the outside area. Said area will fill with various blocks: any combination of blue blocks, fairy blocks, red blocks, and imp blocks. After the blocks appear, a ball will randomly shoot from the mechanism in the center, and Link must hit the ball with his sword and attempt to hit the blocks on the other side of the fence. Hitting the ball from different angles will make the ball fly from different angles as well. If he hits the blue block or the fairy block, he will earn 30 points or 100 points, respectively. If he hits the red block or the imp block, he will lose 10 points or 50 points, respectively. If Link fails to hit the ball, he will automatically lose 50 points. If he hits the ball, but fails to hit a target, Link will earn no points, but won't lose any either. He only gets one ball per round. There are 10 rounds.


Points Reward
0-49 Nothing
50-149 one Recovery Heart
150-249 30 Rupees
250-349 Gasha Seed
350 or more Seed Ring

Additionally, the Ricky's Flute can be won in this mini-game if Link plays this mini-game after completing the Moonlit Grotto, but before he travels to the Nuun Highlands. At least 50 points must be earned, and Link will be awarded with a Strange Flute, which is, in fact, Ricky's Flute.