This chapter covers the normal mode of the HD version of Twilight Princess for the Nintendo Wii U. If you are playing on the Nintendo Wii, check out the Faron Woods: Twilight – Wii Version.

3.1 Spirit of Light: Faron

Back in the Twilight, run ahead and you’ll be met with a trio of Shadow Beasts. Defeat two of them and the third one will give out a loud shrill, reviving the other two enemies. Midna will then give some advice to Link to hold down the B button, creating a large circle. Move so that all the remaining Shadow Beasts are in the circle and then release the button, causing Wolf Link to attack and defeat all of the beasts.

3.2 Tears of Light

Run ahead to the Faron Spring ahead and you’ll hear the voice of the spirit Faron who will give you the Vessel of Light. Wolf Link must find the 12 Tears of Light in order to restore light to the Faron Woods. NOTE: in the Nintendo Wii U version of the game, there are only 12 Tears of Light. That is what will be covered in this guide. If you are playing the Nintendo GameCube or Nintendo Wii version of the game, there are 16 tears and you should use the Wii Version Guide for help finding them.

Run ahead and use your sense by pressing X to see the first two Shadow Insects. Defeating a Shadow Insect will give Link one of the Tears of Light needed to fill the Vessel. Be careful of the Twilit Deku Baba that is also nearby. Defeat the two Shadow Insects to earn up Tears of Light #1 and #2.

Follow the pathway towards Coro, the man who gave you your Lantern. Just south of his house, there is a higher ledge from which you can target Midna to enter his house through the second floor window. Inside, use your sense to speak with Coro, which will trigger two Shadow Insects to appear. Defeat both of them to get Tears of Light #3 and #4. Exit the house through the second floor window.

Return back to the fork in the road and you’ll notice that the gate here is locked and you don’t have a key. Instead, use your sense and you’ll find there is a place to dig just next to the locked door. On the other side of the door, defeat the Shadow Insect to collect Tear of Light #5.

Run through the cave to reach North Faron Woods. Once you arrive, turn to the right and use your senses to spot a Shadow Insect on the wall. Dash into the wall and it will begin to float away. Defeat it to collect Tear of Light #6.

The woods are now filled with a purple fog, preventing Link from traversing normally. If you look along the east portion of the region, near where you just defeated the shadow insect, you’ll notice a branch sticking out from the ground. Walk close to it and Midna will float on over. Target her and make a number of jumps to the next safe area. Reach high ground and Midna will float over towards the center of the region; make a few more jumps to reach it. Here you can use your senses to spot two more shadow insects. Defeat them and grab Tears of Light #7 and #8.

Continue down the linear pathway, using Midna jumps to leap across the gaps. There are a few Twilit Deku Babas, but if you jump fast enough, you can get right by them. There is also a swinging branch, so time your jump so that you don’t collide with it. At the end of the path, you will see that there are two Shadow Insects, but these ones have burrowed underground. Uses your senses and dig them up. Defeat the two insects to collect Tears of Light #9 and #10.

Continue to the next area and you will come across three more Shadow Beasts. Defeat them just like you did the previous batch, holding the B button down and killing them all at the same time. Each team you defeat these cluster of enemies, it will create a warp portal in the sky, which will prove to be useful in the future. Also note that there is a strange bridge in this area standing up against the wall. This will also come in handy a bit later.

Run ahead all the way to the area where you saved Talo and the Monkey early on. The final two Shadow Insects can be seen here, along with that same monkey. Defeat the insects to collect Tears of Light #11 and #12. After saving them the monkey will speak briefly. With the Vessel of Light now completely filled, it will transport you back to the Faron Spring and light will be restored to the entire region.

3.3 Key and a Bottle

You are now back in your human form, equipped with the Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield that you acquired as Wolf Link in the last chapter. Furthermore, you are now wearing the green garment of the legendary hero.

OPTIONAL: At this point you can easily acquire another bottle, but you will need at least 100 rupees. If you’ve been following along, you should have at least 50 rupees right now, and there are 50 more that you can acquire quite easily. Backtrack to the Ordon region and enter Link’s house. Inside, drop down to the basement. Now that you have the Lantern, you can use it to see in the dark. Open the treasure chest that is found here to get a purple rupee, which is worth 50 rupees.

At this point if you’d like, you can wander back to Ordon Village and speak with the residents. They are all concerned that the children have gone missing and Rusl can be found resting at home, still wounded from the beasts that had attacked him. Return back to the Faron Spring once you have acquired at least 100 rupees.

Your next destination is the Forest Temple. Run ahead and you’ll find that the gate is still locked, and since you aren’t in Wolf Link form anymore, you cannot just dig beside it. Instead, run over and speak with Coro. He has the small key that is needed in order to unlock the gate. Furthermore, he is still selling Lantern Oil, and he currently has a special going. For 100 rupees, Link can purchase a bottle that is filled with Lantern Oil, which is a great deal as you can keep the bottle after you’ve used the Lantern Oil. Furthermore, you are going to need a bottle of Lantern Oil in just a short while, so definitely pick this up.

Despite Coro saying that this is a one time offer, Link can purchase the bottle with Lantern Oil at a later time if he so desires.

3.4 Path to the Forest Temple

Walk back towards the fork in the road and use the small key to unlock the gate and enter the cave. Quickly run through the cave to reach the North Faron Woods. As you walk forward, the purple fog is still covering the area. Furthermore, that same darn monkey will appear and will snag your Lantern, attaching it to the top of the stick that it is carrying. The monkey will run ahead and will rotate the stick and lantern around, causing the purple fog to disappear in that circular area.

What you need to do is follow the monkey through the fog. The monkey will slowly move through the area, getting rid of the fog small bits at a time. You have to keep up though, as the fog will reappear once the monkey moves onward. This area still has enemies and they will scare the monkey when they draw near, so be sure to defeat them once they come by. Continue through this rather slow and tedious process until you reach the gate at the west portion of the area.

The monkey, having led you through the fog, will now drop the Lantern, which now has no Lantern Oil left in it. Grab the Lantern and continue west to the next area. Run ahead, and if you don’t have any Lantern Oil, you can pick some up from Trill’s Shop.

Run ahead and you’ll see a strange golden wolf standing along the pathway leading to the temple. Run up to the wolf and it will jump towards you, warping you to a strange realm where you will meet up with a new character known as the Hero’s Shade. This character is a spirit of the ancient hero who once saved Hyrule. Although not explicitly said in the game, this is actually the Hero of Time from Ocarina of Time.

Nevertheless, the Hero’s Shade will teach you several hidden skills throughout your quest and the first one is the Ending Blow. After striking an enemy and hitting him to the floor, Link can target the enemy and press the A button to jump in the air and deliver an ending blow, defeating the enemy in the process.

Once you return back to the Faron Woods, finally run ahead to reach the Forest Temple. A large spiderweb blocks the entrance, but that can be burned down using the Lantern. Walk inside to enter the first dungeon of the game, the Forest Temple.