Faron (Light Spirit)

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Faron is a spiritual character who makes an appearance in Twilight Princess. It is likely that Faron is named after Farore, the Goddess of Courage. Faron is the second Light Spirit that Link encounters in his endeavor, and is the first saved from the invading shroud of Twilight. He is the spiritual guardian who oversees Faron Province in its entirety, but predominantly resides within the Faron Spring. He appears to take on the form a Monkey, the local race in the Faron Province.


Link meets Faron early on in the game. During his first visit in Wolf form, he is told to restore the light to Faron Province, by collecting sixteen Tears of Light. Once completed Link returns to speak to Faron. When revived from his stolen light, Faron informs Link of his destiny as the chosen hero of Hyrule, and then tells him that he must kill the King of Twili, Zant. Faron then proceeds to hand him the Hero's Clothes.

In the latter stages of the game Faron and the other Light Spirits assist Princess Zelda with Light Arrows, to help in the fight against Ganondorf. Faron also takes place in the final cut scene when reviving Midna to her true from.

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