Tears of Light

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Tears of Light
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Twilight-covered areas
Tower of Spirits


Restoring Light Spirits
Defeating Phantoms


Tears of Light are collectible items in Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, there are 16 Tears of Light or 12 in the HD version that must be collected within the Vessel of Light to return the Twilight-covered areas of Hyrule to normal. They are hidden inside Shadow Insects, found around the Twilight-covered area.

Spirit Tracks


In each level of the Tower of Spirits, Link finds three Tears of Light. After collecting all three, Link's sword has the ability to stun Phantoms, giving Princess Zelda a chance to possess them. Once Link has the Lokomo Sword, he does not need the Tears of Light in order to do this.

In the Dark Realm, Tears of Light can be found on the tracks. If Link collects one, the Spirit Train is granted invincibility and increased speed, allowing it to destroy the Armored Trains.