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Cannons are recurring objects in The Legend of Zelda series. They are most commonly used to launch Bombs from a train or boat at nearby enemies or obstacles.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, the Cannon is used along with Link's boat to shoot Bombs at enemies, such as a Big Octo, or obstacles. It can be used after Link has obtained Bombs from the Pirate Ship, at which time the King of Red Lions facilitates the use of the Cannon. The Cannon shoots extremely far for such a small boat and is especially useful for fighting off Gyorgs, Octoroks, and Peahats.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Cannons first appear in the Snowpeak Ruins as weapons Link can use to kill Freezards and to knock down large ice blocks before he gets the Ball and Chain. In order to use a Cannon, Link must first find a Cannonball in the surrounding area and place it in the Cannon. Next he must place a Bomb in the Cannon, and a few seconds later it will shoot the Cannonball. A funfact to know is that the Cannonball does not disappear after it has been shot, it will reappear on the ground where it was shot.

Sky Cannon

Main article: Sky Cannon

Also in Twilight Princess, the Sky Cannon is a special Cannon found in the Basement of the Sanctuary in Kakariko Village, behind an Owl Statue. The only way to move this Owl Statue is to first collect all six Sky Characters that are scattered all over Hyrule, and then give the newly created word to Shad, who will then say them out load, which will result in the Owl Statue changing so it is now possible to move it with the Dominion Rod. This Cannon has one, simple use. It will shoot Link up to the entrance to the City in the Sky. Without this Cannon, it is impossible to reach the City in the Sky and thus complete the game.

Fyer's Cannon

A third type of Cannon is found in Twilight Princess, and is used by Fyer to run his little mini-game in Lake Hylia, titled Human-Cannonball Ride. This ride will shoot the user up to the top of Lake Hylia into an area where Fyer's partner, Falbi, runs his own mini-game, titled Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl, where Link can grab a Cucco and use it to fly down back to Lake Hylia. Also, there is a door in this area that leads to the Great Bridge of Hylia.

Before Link obtains the Shadow Crystal, this is his only route in and out of Lake Hylia. However, after the Shadow Crystal is obtained, Link can simply warp to Lake Hylia anytime he pleases, and for free. Later on in the game, Link can use Fyer's Cannon for a different use. Instead of shooting him to the top of Lake Hylia, he will be shot to the entrance to the Gerudo Desert. This option is only available after Link has given Fyer Auru's Memo, which can be obtained from Auru. After reading the memo, Fyer will agree to shoot Link to the Gerudo Desert.

Phantom Hourglass

The Cannon is one of the Ship Parts featured in Phantom Hourglass. There are nine different Cannons, starting with Eddo's Cannon. Eddo's Cannon can be acquired on Cannon Island, where Eddo will sell Link it for the price of 50 Rupees. The other eight Cannons can be found where ever Ship Parts can be found, such as in Treasure Chests, as a price for winning mini-games, etc.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, the Cannon is used alongside Link's train to kill enemies and destroy obstacles that can sometimes be found on the tracks. After obtaining the Snow Rail Map, Link will notice a new enemy on the tracks, called a Bullbo. At the present moment, Link has no way to defend himself, and thus him and Princess Zelda decide to go back to Castle Town and check in on Alfonzo. He will also make note of the new enemy, and advise Link to bring him to Aboda Village. In Aboda Village, Alfonzo creates the Cannon and puts it on Link's train. There are other Cannon accessible in the game, which can be found anywhere that Train Parts are found.


Skyward Sword

There are two Cannons in Skyward Sword. The first is found on Fun Fun Island, which is used by Dodoh to run his mini-game, Dodoh's High Dive, which is a game that requires Skydiving. The second Cannon is found on Skipper's Boat in the Lanayru Sand Sea region. Here, Link can use the Cannon to kill enemy and discover the Sandship.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Cannons are Zonai Devices which can be used to fire shots at enemies.