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Freight Car






Haul objects

The Freight Car (Wagon in the European/Australian version) is an item that can be attached to the Spirit Train in order to haul various objects in Spirit Tracks.

The Trusty Freight Car can be obtained in Goron Village, and is given to Link by Kagoron from the village. This item's original intent is the haul Mega Ice over from Wellspring Station back to Goron Village in order to cool the never ending flow of lava.

Once Link is in possession of the Freight Car, he can complete many side quests that involve shipping freight throughout the kingdom. One must exercise caution however, because just like passengers, freight has many needs that have to be satisfied. One such example is that Dark Ore has to be in darkness; otherwise, it will begin to melt. While these side quests are not essential to completing the game, they are required if Link wants to restore all the spirit tracks.

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