Demon Fossil

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Demon Fossil
A Demon Fossil in Spirit Tracks





50 Rupees


In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Fossile de monstre

"You got the Demon Fossil! It's like a normal fossil, but it's much more valuable. Check it out on the Collection screen!"

Spirit Tracks In-Game Description

Demon Fossils are a crafting material in Spirit Tracks and Tri Force Heroes.


Spirit Tracks

Demon Fossils are a type of treasure which appears as a metallic mono-ceratopsian skull embedded in black rock. They are quite common, being found all over New Hyrule.[1]

The Demon Fossil is used to purchase 4 Train Parts: the Wooden Freight Car, Skull Cannon, Dragonhead Engine, and Dragon Passenger Train. Two are used for the Wooden Freight Car, three for the Skull Cannon, twelve for the Dragonhead Engine, and eight for the Dragon Passenger Train.

Tri Force Heroes

Demon Fossil Icon.jpg

Demon Fossils can be used at Madame Couture's to craft the Boomeranger and Energy Gear.



  1. "Fossil of an ancient demon. Sounds rare, but it turns up all over the place." — In-Game Description, Spirit Tracks.