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Star Fragment
Star Fragment as it appears in Breath of the Wild



Fallen from the sky at night


1000 Rupees (Tri Force Heroes)


50 Rupees (Spirit Tracks)
200 Rupees (Tri Force Heroes)
300 Rupees (Breath of the Wild)
200 Rupees (Tears of the Kingdom)


Buying Train Parts (Spirit Tracks)
Enhancing Armor; bonus effects in recipes (Breath of the Wild)


Star Fragments are recurring materials in The Legend of Zelda series.

Spirit Tracks

Star Fragment as it appears in Spirit Tracks

"A sparkly stone that fell from the sky. It's said to be a piece of a star."

— In-game description

Star Fragments are a type of Treasure. They are a common treasure which appear as a sphere with rounded spikes.

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name Description
France Française Fragment d'étoile Cette pierre scintillante serait un morceau d'étoile tombé du ciel.

They can be sold for 50 Rupees, but are also required to purchase the following train parts:


Tri Force Heroes

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"Prized as a gift from the sky, this rock is out of this world!"

— In-game description (EU)
Star Fragment as it appears in Tri Force Heroes

Star Fragments are a material in Tri Force Heroes, found in the Volcano.

Breath of the Wild

"A mysterious stone fragment that fell from the sky. It looks like it would fetch a good price, but you may able to use it in certain recipes as well."

— In-game description

Star Fragments are one of the rarest materials found in Breath of the Wild, and may fall from the sky at night. The impact site — and therefore the location of the fragment — is indicated by a glowing beacon that will disappear at 5 AM. Additionally, a special sound can be heard near the impact site of the shooting star. The fragments freeze in place when they touch the ground, which can happen on a slope, and materialize once the player approaches them; this may cause the fragment to fall down a slope. Approaching the fragment also causes the beacon of light to disappear. Keep in mind that Star Fragments don't float in water, so a Fragment that lands on a slope next to a body of water will effectively be unrecoverable if it falls in.

Star Fragments can be sold at a price of 300 Rupees, and can be used as ingredients for recipes to yield to guarantee bonus effects on recipes.

You are most likely to spot shooting stars during a Blood Moon, and doubly so from the tops of the Great Plateau and Lake Towers, along with the Southern Dueling Peak, which are basically vantage points where landing sites can be easily located when they happen. This item can additionally be acquired as: loot from Silver Lynels and Gold enemies (Master Mode only); rewards for a few side quests, such as My Hero and Balloon Flight; or in hidden Treasure Chests throughout Hyrule.

Obtaining Star Fragments

A somewhat reliable method to obtain Star Fragments is through the aforementioned Dueling Peaks. This method provides easier access to Star Fragments because the fragments do not disappear once fallen even when the player teleports, provides a vantage point through the Hateno Tower, as well as a large area of open space and few mountains. This method allows for the obtainment of a Star Fragment every 5-10 minutes.

These are the requirements for the Dueling Peaks:


  1. Teleport to the Shrine close to a stable and rest at the Stable's Cooking Pot (or inside the Stable, if there's rain) until morning;
  2. Upon awakening, save the game immediately and exit the game (this will reset the game and the frequency rate of falling Star Fragments);
  3. Reopen the game and load your save state; head to the pot or the stable and rest until night;
  4. Once rested, teleport to the Shee Vaneer Shrine atop the southern peak of the Dueling Peaks;
  5. Atop the mountain, equip cold-resistant clothes or consume elixirs/food for cold; once there, face East, looking towards Hateno Tower and wait;
  6. A Star Fragment may fall before 2 AM; once it lands, mark it with a Sheikah Slate pin using the scope feature;
  7. Teleport to Hateno Tower, paraglide towards either the pin, or the Star Fragment's beacon and collect the Star Fragment;
  8. Repeat from step 1.


  • This method works best if one doesn't use the same shrines close to stables consecutively. It's also not guaranteed to spawn fragments every night, and they may not appear after too many repeated tries.
  • As documented in this video by YouTuber Wolf Link, Star Fragments can occasionally glitch out and spawn partially, land incorrectly and altogether disappear.
  • The top of the Dueling Peaks at the southern peak will spawn Stalkoblins during the night. As such, it's recommended to wear the Bokoblin Mask, the ★★-tier Radiant Set, or the DLC-exclusive Phantom Ganon Set or Majora's Mask in order for the Stalkoblins not to engage Link. Since waiting is required to begin with, killing the Stalkoblins may be the lesser effort otherwise, albeit fighting them may spend weapon resistance unnecessarily.
  • The more Star Fragments are obtained, the more they'll start landing on mountainous places like the Robred Dropoff, or even the Rabella Wetlands, which are within the visual field from the Dueling Peaks, but not on the valley itself.

Base Game Armor Enhancement

A total of 14 star fragments are needed for upgrades in the base game, to upgrade the following base-game items:

One Fragment Each (× 6):

Two Fragments Each (× 8):

Amiibo Armor Enhancement

With all amiibo armor pieces, there are an additional 74 Star Fragments needed for upgrades. These armor pieces are listed below:

One Fragment Each (× 4):

Four Fragments Each (× 60):

Ten Fragments Each (× 10):


Age of Calamity

"A mysterious stone fragment that fell from the sky. It looks like it would fetch a good price, but it could also be used in certain recipes."

— In-game description

Unlike other materials, there are a finite amount of Star Fragments to be found. 20 are obtained as First-Clear Rewards from challenges. A total of 22 are needed to complete quests. They cannot be sold or used as materials for upgrades.


First-Clear Rewards:



Tears of the Kingdom

Star Fragments reappear from Breath of the Wild, dropping both in the Hyrule overworld as long as their is no water where they land, and are able to be caught in mid-air as they descend from the sky on clear nights. They also fall more frequently than in Breath of the Wild. They have added utility compared to their previous counterparts, being able to make any weapon cast three twinkles of light outward when used as a fuse material. In one of the "Rauru's Blessing" Shrines of Light, the central treasure chest contains a Star Fragment Staff; a Star Fragment fused to a Magic Staff, to hint at this use. This utility is considered impractical, however, as the cast sparks of light do no damage and only serve the purpose of lighting the way forward temporarily in darkened areas when Brightbloom Seeds, meals or elixirs with the "Bright" effect or the Miner's Set are not an option. Star Fragments are considered much more useful as an upgrade material for the four Divine Helms and all of the armor sets that are some variant of Link's classic green tunic, including Sheik's Mask, as well as their selling value of 200 rupees apiece. The aforementioned Star Fragment Staff can be taken to Pelison's Break-It-Apart shop in Tarrey Town to allow Link to collect a free Star Fragment for best use.