Breath of the Wild Materials

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Natural Materials

Apple-botw.png AppleA common fruit found on trees all around Hyrule. Eat it fresh, or cook it to increase its effect.
Palm Fruit.png Palm FruitFruit from palm trees that grow near the ocean. It doesn't offer any special effects but will increase your heart recovery when used as an ingredient.
Wildberry.png WildberryA fruit that grows in cold, snowy regions known for its tangy, sweet flavor. It doesn't offer any special effects, but it's a popular cooking ingredient.
Hearty Durian.png Hearty DurianThis fruit's mighty odor has earned it the nickname "king of fruits." It offers immense restorative powers; dishes cooked with it will temporarily increase your maximum hearts.
Hydromelon.png HydromelonThis resilient fruit can flourish even in the heat of the desert. The hydrating liquid inside provides a cooling effect that, when cooked, increases your heat resistance.
Spicy Pepper.png Spicy PepperThis pepper is exploding with spice. Cook with it to create dishes that will raise your body temperature and help you withstand the cold.
Voltfruit.png VoltfruitCacti found in the Gerudo Desert bear this sweet fruit. It's naturally insulated, so when cooked into a dish, it provides resistance against electricity.
Fleet-Lotus Seeds.png Fleet-Lotus SeedsThe plant that bears these seeds grows near deep water. The roots draw nutrients from the water, which boosts your movement speed when the seeds are cooked into a dish.
Mighty Bananas.png Mighty BananasThis fruit grows mainly in tropical forests of the Faron region. When it's used as an ingredient, the resulting dish will temporarily increase your attack power.
Hylian Shroom.png Hylian ShroomA common mushroom found near trees around Hyrule. Eat it to restore half a heart.
Endura Shroom.png Endura ShroomA rare yellowish-orange mushroom. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your stamina limit.
Stamella-Shroom.png Stamella ShroomA green mushroom that grows near trees in the forest. It's chock-full of natural energy. Cook it to release its stamina-restoration properties.
Hearty Truffle.png Hearty TruffleThis rare mushroom has a rich scent. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts.
Big Hearty Truffle.png Big Hearty TruffleYears of going unpicked have allowed this hearty truffle to grow quite large. It's chock- full of nutrients. When cooked into a dish, it temporarily increases your maximum hearts.
Chillshroom.png ChillshroomOften found at the base of pine trees in cold climates, these mushrooms are cool to the touch and can be used to cook dishes that allow you to stay cool even in arid regions.
Sunshroom.png SunshroomA bright red mushroom that grows in hot climates. Imbued with the power of heat, they can be used to cook dishes that will allow you endure the bitter cold.
Zapshroom.png ZapshroomThis mushroom grows wild in the Gerudo region. The cap is naturally insulated, so when used in cooking, it will offer protection against electricity.
Rushroom.png RushroomA mushroom that can grow almost anywhere but prefers ceilings and sheer cliffs. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your movement speed.
Razorshroom.png RazorshroomThis mushroom is known for the natural slice in its cap. Eating it fosters your competitive spirit. Use it when cooking to prepare a dish that will increase your strength.
Ironshroom.png IronshroomThe cap of this mushroom is very hard. Use it when cooking to prepare a dish that increases you defense.
Silent Shroom.png Silent ShroomA strange mushroom that glows softly in the forest at night. Cooking it into a dish unlocks the nutrients in its cap, resulting in a meal that will allow you to move stealthily.
Hyrule Herb.png Hyrule HerbThis healthy herb grows abundantly in the plains of Hyrule. Cook it before eating to increase the number of hearts it restores.
Hearty Radish.png Hearty RadishA rare radish that grows best in sunny plains. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts.
Big Hearty Radish.png Big Hearty RadishThis hearty radish has grown much larger than the average radish. It's rich in analeptic compounds that, when cooked into a dish, temporarily increase your maximum hearts.
Cool Safflina.png Cool SafflinaThis medicinal plant grows in high elevations, such as mountains in the Hebra or Gerudo regions. When cooked into a dish, it will temporarily increase your heat resistance.
Warm Safflina.png Warm SafflinaThis medicinal plant grows in hot regions, such as the Gerudo Desert. It's warm to the touch and increases your cold resistance when cooked into a dish.
Electric Safflina.png Electric SafflinaThis medicinal plant grows abundantly in the Gerudo Desert. Its peculiar fibers conduct electricity, which will increase your electricity resistance when cooked into a dish.
Swift Carrot.png Swift CarrotThis carrot is cultivated extensively in Kakariko Village. It strengthens the legs and hips when cooked into a dish, which helps increase your movement speed.
Endura Carrot.png Endura CarrotHighly valued as a medicinal plant, this carrot contains large amounts of nourishing energy. When cooked into a dish, it boosts your stamina beyond its maximum limit.
Fortified Pumpkin.png Fortified PumpkinAn extremely tough pumpkin raised in village fields. When cooked, that toughness manifests itself by considerably upping defense.
Swift Violet.png Swift VioletThis vitality-rich flower blooms mainly on cliffsides. When cooked into a dish, the nourishing compounds increase your movement speed.
Mighty Thistle.png Mighty ThistleThis medicinal plant is known for its sharp thorns and for the fruit it bears. The fruit contains a compound that increases attack power when cooked into a dish.
Armoranth.png ArmoranthThis tough medicinal plant cannot be broken, but it can be cooked. Its durable yet flexible fibers raise your defense when cooked into a dish.
Blue Nightshade.png Blue NightshadeA plant that grows in the quieter areas of Hyrule. At night, it gives off a soft glow. Cook with it to increase your stealth.
Silent Princess.png Silent PrincessThis lovely flower was said to have been a favorite of the princess of Hyrule. Once feared to have gone extinct, it's recently been spotted growing in the wild.
Acorn-BOTW.png AcornOften found on the ground near trees. Squirrels adore this nut, so you may have competition while foraging. Add one to a meal for a nutty seasoning.
Chickaloo Tree Nut.png Chickaloo Tree NutSmall birds love this nut. You can eat it raw for a minor effect, but it can also be added as a spice to other recipes.
Bird Egg.png Bird EggA fresh bird egg necessary for making dishes such as omelets or crepes. You can snag them from birds' nests if you're sneaky. Nutritious and delicious, perfect for cooking.
Courser Bee Honey.png Courser Bee HoneyHoney straight from the hive is chock-full of nutrients. Cooking this into a meal unlocks the potential of these nutrients and provides a stamina-recovery effect.
Hylian Rice.png Hylian RiceThis grain is the favorite among residents of Kakariko Village. It's grown in regions with a lot of water and is quite versatile. Used as an ingredient in things like risotto and rice balls.
Tabantha Wheat.png Tabantha WheatThis grain is cultivated extensively on the Tabantha Plains. It's ground finely with a millstone to be used in cooking. Use it to make things such as stews and breads.
Cane Sugar.png Cane SugarWhen boiled with other ingredients, the cane breaks down into a sweet juice necessary for making cakes and other sweets. It's commonly found in ingredients stores.
Goat Butter.png Goat ButterButter made from the milk of a domesticated white goat. In addition to being used in dishes like stews and meunière, it's often used when making cakes and other sweets.
Fresh Milk.png Fresh MilkThis fresh milk comes from Hateno cows and white goats kept in the village. It's delicious on its own but can also be used as an ingredient in soups and stews.
Goron Spice.png Goron SpiceMade from several types of spices, this secret Goron seasoning has been handed down for generations. An initial wave of spiciness paves the way for sweetness.
Monster Extract.png Monster ExtractA result of Kilton's research into monsters, this suspicious spice can be used to punch up dishes while cooking. Apparently it can be used to make a number of monstrous meals.


Hyrule Bass.png Hyrule BassAn ordinary fish that can be found all over Hyrule. It can be eaten raw, but cooking it amplifies its healing benefits.
Staminoka Bass.png Staminoka BassThis Hyrule bass got to be the biggest fish by never getting caught (until now). Its long life results in a cooked dish that will restore a lot of stamina.
Hearty Bass.png Hearty BassThis large fish lives near the shoreline. Its sizable body can store a lot of nutrients. When cooked into a dish, it will temporarily increase your maximum hearts.
Chillfin Trout.png Chillfin TroutThis blue trout prefers cold bodies of water. Its skin contains enzymes that keep its body cool, and when cooked into a dish, it will temporarily boost your heat resistance.
Voltfin Trout.png Voltfin TroutThis trout makes its home in the freshwater lakes. Its scales have an insulating compound that, when cooked into a dish, offers resistance to electricity.
Sizzlefin Trout.png Sizzlefin TroutThis red trout prefers warm bodies of water. It has a special organ specifically for storing heat. When cooked into a dish, it will temporarily increase your resistance to the cold.
Stealthfin Trout.png Stealthfin TroutConsuming the bioluminescent compound that makes this fish glow in the dark will increase concentration. Dishes cooked with it will suppress noise when consumed.
Hearty Salmon.png Hearty SalmonThis fish makes its home in cold water, giving it extra layers of fat. It temporarily increases your maximum hearts when used in cooking.
Mighty Carp.png Mighty CarpThis freshwater fish lives alongside its less mighty carp ilk. A compound in its liver promotes muscle growth. Dishes cooked with it will temporarily increase your attack power.
Armored Carp.png Armored CarpCalcium deposits in the scales of this ancient fish make them as hard as armor. Cooking it into a dish will fortify your bones, temporarily increasing your defense.
Sanke Carp.png Sanke CarpThis wild armored carp has been bred into a prizewinning fish. Its beautifully colored markings do not occur in nature. It offers no special effects when cooked.
Mighty Porgy.png Mighty PorgyThis ocean-dwelling fish comes with one rude attitude. The compounds in its flesh elevate your competitive spirit when it's cooked into a dish, thus increasing your attack power.
Armored Porgy.png Armored PorgyThis porgy's body is covered in armor-hard scales. The compounds in its scales, when cooked into a dish, fortify your bones and temporarily boost your defense.
Sneaky River Snail.png Sneaky River SnailThis large, glow-in-the-dark snail lives in fresh water. When cooked into a dish, it heightens your senses so you can move about silently.
Hearty Blueshell Snail.png Hearty Blueshell SnailThis snail lives on sandy beaches in large numbers. Its flesh contains a high amount of stimulants, so when cooked into a dish, it temporarily increases your maximum hearts.
Razorclaw Crab.png Razorclaw CrabThis crab is well known for its exceptionally sharp pincers. When cooked, the strength compound in its claws will increase your attack power.
Ironshell Crab.png Ironshell CrabThis crab's shell is particularly hard. When cooked into dish, its fat and meat bolster the body to increase your defense.
Bright-Eyed Crab.png Bright-Eyed CrabThis crab appears in large numbers when it rains. Once bite of its delectable meat, and you'll forget all your exhaustion. Replenishes your stamina when cooked into a dish.
Winterwing-butterfly.png Winterwing ButterflyThe powdery scales of this butterfly's wings cool the air around it. Watching it flutter around snowflakes is a thing of beauty. Cook it with monster parts for a heat-resistant elixir.
Summerwing-butterfly.png Summerwing ButterflyA butterfly found in the woods and plains of warm regions. Its wings absorb the warmth of the sun. Cook it with monster parts to create an elixir that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
Thunderwing-butterfly.png Thunderwing ButterflyThis rare butterfly only shows itself when it rains. The organs in its body produce an insulating compound. When made into an elixir, it offers electrical resistance.
Smotherwing-butterfly.png Smotherwing ButterflyThis rare butterfly lives in volcanic regions. Its body contains a heat-resistant liquid, which can be turned into a topical elixir that offers resistance to flames.
Cold-darner.png Cold DarnerThis dragonfly prefers the cool shade of trees to the warmth of the sun. Its wings disperse heat from its body, which can be cooked into a heat-resistance elixir.
Warm-darner.png Warm DarnerThis dragonfly has a special organ that causes it to sweat profusely. Cook it with monster parts for an elixir that will raise your core temperature so you can resist the cold.
Electric-darner.png Electric DarnerThis rare dragonfly only appears in the rain. Its wings direct electricity away from its body. Cook it with monster parts for an electricity-resistance elixir.
Bladed-rhino-beetle.png Bladed Rhino BeetleThis beetle's razor-sharp horns demand that you handle it with care. Boil the horns alongside monster parts to concoct an elixir that will raise your attack power.
Rugged-rhino-beetle.png Rugged Rhino BeetleThis beetle's hard body resembles armor. When the shell is cooked with monster parts, the resulting elixir boosts your defense.
Energetic-rhino-beetle.png Energetic Rhino BeetleThis valuable beetle can live up to ten years. When cooked with monster parts, its impressive vitality translates into an elixir that will greatly restore your stamina.
Restless-cricket.png Restless CricketA very energetic cricket. Cook it with monster parts to create a stamina-recovery elixir.
Sunset-firefly.png Sunset FireflyThese fireflies glow gently in the dark. When cooked with monster parts, the compound that causes it to glow results in an elixir that will allow you to move more quietly.
Hot-footed-frog.png Hot-Footed FrogA quick frog that can be found hopping around near water. Cook it with monster parts to draw out its speed-boost effect.
Tireless-frog.png Tireless FrogThis rare frog only ventures out in the rain. When cooked with monster parts, the elixir it produces will temporarily increase your maximum stamina.
Hightail-lizard.png Hightail LizardA lizard found throughout Hyrule. It's a but slow to react at times, but it given a chance to escape, it will dart off quickly. Cook it with monster parts for a speed-boosting elixir.
Hearty-lizard.png Hearty LizardThis rare lizard lives deep in the forests. It feeds on high-nutrient foods, giving it great vitality. When used to make elixirs, they temporarily increase your maximum hearts.
Fireproof-lizard.png Fireproof LizardThis rare lizard can only be found in the Eldin region. Its scales have heat-resistant properties, so when cooked with monster parts it produces a heat-resistance elixir.
Fairy-botw.png FairyThis fairy will fly from your pouch and heal all your wounds the moment you lose your last heart. It's easily mistaken for a firefly at first, but it glows in the daylight as well as night.


Wood.png WoodA portable bundle of wood. You can use this to make a campfire if you have something to light it.
Flint.png FlintStrike it with a metallic weapon to generate a spark. This portable fire starter breaks after one use, but it can create a long-lasting flame if you use it near firewood.
Rock Salt.png Rock SaltCrystallized salt from the ancient sea commonly used to season meals. Cannot be eaten in this form.
Luminous Stone.png Luminous StoneThis mysterious mineral gives off a pale blue glow in the dark, which some believe to be souls of the dead. Apparently, this stone can be used as a base to make special clothing.
Amber.png AmberA fossilized resin with a caramelesque sheen to it. It's been valued as a component in decorations and crafting since ancient times.
Opal.png OpalA valuable ore that gives off a mesmerizing iridescence similar to the inside of a seashell. It contains the power of water.
Topaz.png TopazThis precious yellow gem contains the power of electricity. It's been known to fetch a high price since ancient times.
Ruby.png RubyA precious red gem mined from large ore deposits found throughout Hyrule. Rubies contain the power of fire and have fetched a high price since ancient times.
Sapphire.png SapphireA precious blue gem mined from natural rock formations. Sapphires contain the very essence of ice. They've been known to fetch a high price since ancient times.
Diamond.png DiamondThe most precious gem one can find in Hyrule, its signature sparkle has charmed Hyruleans for generations. As such, it has sold for a very high price since ancient times.
Star-fragment.png Star FragmentA mysterious stone fragment that fell from the sky. It look like it would fetch a good price, but you may able to use it in certain recipes as well.