Chuchu Jelly

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Chuchu Jelly
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Defeating Chuchus


5 Rupees
3 Mon


Enhancing Armor
Making Elixirs


"A gelatinous substance that came from a Chuchu. It's unusable in this state, but applying a bit of elemental stimulation will change its form."

— In-Game Description

Chuchu Jelly is a material found in Breath of the Wild. They can be obtained as a drop from Chuchus found in the grassy plains of Hyrule, including the Great Plateau. This material can be used to enhance many pieces of armor in the game, such as the Soldier's Armor, but can also be traded with Kilton, in his shop, the Fang and Bone, for 3 Mon each. They can be used in combination with various Creatures to create different types of Elixirs, which increment Link's stats for a period of time.