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Great Plateau





The Great Plateau is the starting area of Breath of the Wild. It contains the Shrine of Resurrection where Link first awakens and the Great Plateau Tower. Since the Great Plateau is surrounded by high cliffs, Link is unable to leave the area until he acquires the Paraglider from the Old Man.

Other Nearby Landmarks

Temple of Time
River of the Dead
Forest of Spirits

Nearby Shrines

Shrine of Resurrection

Nearby Korok Seeds

Note: These seeds represent only the seeds closest to the Great Plateau Landmark (where the word Great Plateau is written on the in-game map.) For a listing of nearby seeds, see each Landmark's page, or refer to the Great Plateau Tower page for a list of all landmarks revealed by that tower.

Jump from the promontory into the circle of lilies.
Perhaps the first Korok Seed that can be acquired in the game is available just downhill from the Shrine of Resurrection. There will be a small pond on the right, with an island in the middle with a sword on top. A small promontory juts out towards the island, and if you look immediately below, you will see a ring of lilies making a perfect circle in the water. Jump from where the cliff juts out directly into that circle to get the Korok Seed.