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Observation Room is a location in Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Nearby Korok Seeds

Shoot the 3 balloons hiding behind the Malice to reveal the Korok. (Click 'Korok Seed' above for a map.)

Three balloons hide behind the Malice to the east.

Shoot the balloon in the far distance to reveal the Korok. (Click 'Korok Seed' above for a map.)

A bow with extended range may be useful, as it is quite a distance.

Shoot the stone Coat of Arms to reveal the Korok. (Click 'Korok Seed' above for a map.)

Shoot the Hylian symbol.


Tears of the Kingdom

When first walking up the main road leading to Hyrule Castle, the first entrance on the right is blocked off by some gates. Link can use Ultrahand to lift them and sneak by. After reaching a hallway, he can turn to the right to find a room with a pair of Black Horriblin. Climbing up the stairs to the south, leads up to the Observation Room.

Nobiro can be found within the Observation Room. He is a guard who is tasked with defending Hyrule Castle from thieves who are looking to steal the treasure. Although he proves to be incompetant at his job as he is lost and doesn't know his own way around the castle.

On the ground of the Observation Room, Link can use Ultrahand to lift a gate, leading down into the Royal Hidden Passage. There is a treasure chest just below that contains a Diamond. Right down the spiral staircase, it leads to a room with a Knight's Halberd and a Soldier's Bow. Just below there is another chest, which contains a Soldier's Shield.