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The Gleeok Bridge is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Gleeok Bridge crosses over one of the distributaries of the Regencia River, which connects with the Aquame Bridge. Just oto the east of the bridge, Link will find a Raft that he can use to navigate the water, although he cannot cross the under the bridge as it is too low to the water.

Just west of the bridge, Link will find a small Bokoblin camp, with a Red Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, and a Black Bokoblin. There is a Cooking Pot in the small camp that Link can use to make meals. The three Bokoblin here are defending a buried treasure chest which contains a Purple Rupee. There is also a pesky Water Octorok in the water that will create an annoyance for Link.

Just north of the bridge, there is a grouping of trees and one of them has an acorn in it that can be shot to get a Korok. Slightly further to the northwest, there is a well with a rock in it. Link can lift the rock to get another Korok Seed.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Shoot the acorn.

Within the big tree trunk there is an acorn that you shoot to get the Korok Seed.


The Gleeok Bridge is named after the boss from The Legend of Zelda, Gleeok. Similar bridges in the area are all named after bosses from the first Zelda game, including the Manhala Bridge, Aquame Bridge, and the Digdogg Suspension Bridge.

Tears of the Kingdom

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