Serutabomac Shrine

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Serutabomac Shrine


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Serutabomac Shrine, also known as The Way Up, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located on the northeast side of Hyrule Castle island.

The Way Up

  • Use Ultrahand to move the platform up onto the railing and then use Ascend to travel up to it.
  • Use Ultrahand to attach the small platform to the edge of the larger one, so that they are perpendicular. Use Ultrahand to move the connected platform so that the smaller platform rests on top of the single rail. Then use Ascend to get through the platform and up to the next area.
  • In the next room, use Ultrahand to connect one of the small platforms to the large one, so that it is perpendicular and it is connected right in the middle of the small platform. Then connect the other small platform on the other side. This will make the shape of a capitalized "I". Grab this combined platform and place it on the spikes. From here, use Ascend to climb up to the chest and open it to get a Magic Rod.
  • Detach the pieces. This time use the large platform as the base. Then attach a small platform right in the middle of the large one, so that it is perpendicular. Then attach the second small platform on top of the other platform, so it is parallel to the large platform at the bottom. Use Ultrahand to grab the structure and rest the large platform on the two rails. Then use Ascend twice to get to the top of the shrine.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Serutabomac Shrine