Shrine of Light

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Shrine of Light
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Link opening In-isa Shrine


Points of




Shrines of Light are mini-dungeons scattered all over Hyrule featured in Tears of the Kingdom. In total, there are 152 shrines, 120 of them on the Surface and another 32 in the Sky. Link will receive a Light of Blessing at the end of each shrine. After collecting four of these, he can trade them in for a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel.

The Side Quest The Shrine Explorer is assigned after completing the last shrine.

Tears of the Kingdom

Shrines are often found near important landmarks, including near Stables and major Villages. Each Shrine, when activated, serves as a warp point that Link can return to using the Purah Pad.

Shrine Quests

While the majority of Shrines are available from the start, some are unlocked only after Link completes a Shrine Quest.