Joju-u-u Shrine

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Joju-u-u Shrine
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Joju-u-u Shrine, also known as Building Bridges, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located just southwest of Lakeside Stable up on Ubota Point.

Building Bridges

  • Cross the first bridge.
  • At the second bridge, use Ultrahand to attach the bridge on the ground to the other side and cross.
  • At the third bridge, jump down and use Ultrahand to attach the bridge on the ground to the other side. There must be at least 3 hanging bridge portions for the bridge to be hanging high enough to reach the ledge along the center.
  • Climb the ladder and cross the bridge, jumping onto the ledge on the left.
  • Grab the large block across the room and attach it to the end of the bridge on the ground. Raise the block and hang it over the metal stake in the wall to create a counterweight and keep the bridge taunt while you climb back up and cross it.
    • Cheese: Jump down and grab the large block. Place it carefully on the metal stake to the left, and use Ascend to climb on top of it.
  • On the last bridge before the altar, Grab the bridge in the middle with Ultrahand while you stand on the ledge. Lift the bridge up and attach it to the lone bridge piece hanging off the ledge to the side to grab the chest containing a Large Zonaite.
  • Continue to the altar and get your Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Joju-u-u Shrine