Soryotanog Shrine

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Soryotanog Shrine


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Soryotanog Shrine, also known as Buried Light, is a Shrine of Light from Tears of the Kingdom.

The Shrine is located in Gerudo Town. The shrine is located at the peak of Gerudo Town and Link is able to reach it by climbing and using Ascend.

Buried Light

  • Use Ultrahand to grab the fan out of the sand. Hit the fan to activate it. Grab it and place it next to the sand piles to clean up the room. One of the sand piles has a Treasure Chest underneath it. Open the chest to get a Small Key and then head through the locked door.
  • Grab the fan from the previous room and carry it to the next. Defeat the Soldier Construct found here.
  • There is a Mirror buried in the sand, but before dealing with that, turn your attention to the corner of the room. Use the fan to blow away the sand here and crawl through the hole.
  • Pull out the fan and use it to clear the sand. Defeat the Soldier Construct that is buried here. Now turn the fan so that it is on the ground and blowing the air up. This will allow Link to use his Paraglider and glide up to the higher ledge. Up top, there is more sand that you need to clear. You can grab the weapon that the Soldier Construct had, as it had a fan attached to it. Alternatively, you can use Fuse on the fan in the previous room and connect it with your shield. Either way, remove the sand surround the large gear to get it spinning. Open the chest here to get ten Arrows.
  • Back in the large room, on the left side, from when you first entered it, use Ascend to get up to the top. Drop down on his side of the gate and defeat the Soldier Construct.
  • Use the Fan that is nearby to clear off the sand completely. This will cause a beam of light to shoot up into the air.
  • Clear the sand nearby to find a Mirror. Grab the Mirror and place it on the platform above the light. We want to point the mirror so it is facing diagonally, so it goes through the bars and back to the previous room.
  • Return to the large room and grab the mirror found here. Use Ultrahand to hold it in the air and reflect the light. You need to reflect the light so it hits the orange marker, just above the door. This will activate the door, so run up ahead to the altar and get the Light of Blessing.

Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough of Soryotanaog Shrine