Mirror (Tears of the Kingdom)

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For other uses, see Mirror (Disambiguation).

Mirror is a type of Zonai Device from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A Zonai device that focuses and reflects light. It can provide powerful, long-distance illumination that can ward off some monsters."

Tears of the Kingdom In-game description

Mirrors take a focused beam of light and reflect it into another direction. Rakashog Shrine ("A Reflective Device") serves to train Link in its use, involving doors and devices which only open after the "lock" has focused light reflected onto them for several seconds. The Lightning Temple makes extensive use of mirrors.

Starview Island involves a puzzle with multiple angled mirrors on rotating platforms to open Mayasaiar Shrine and a Sage's Will chest; while Lightcast Island is named for its mirror puzzles.

Mirrors can be found in Zonai Capsules from Device Dispensers or Treasure Chests; or lying around in the overworld. If removed from a capsule, they cannot be returned to it, although they can be fused to weapons or shields.