Sage's Will

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Sage's Will
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Initial version of Sage's Will finding



Upgrade Sage's Vows to Solemn Sage's Vows


Sage's Will is a material found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"The remnants of a former Sage's resolve. If you gather four of them and offer them to a Goddess Statue, you can deepen your connection with the Sages."

— In-Game Description

If Link finds a Sage's Will before completing a dungeon, he is only told that it is "A small stone believed to have belonged to a sage. Holding it in your hand you can feel the remnants of a strong bond."

After completing a dungeon and awakening a Sage, if he prays at a Goddess Statue, he will be told "For four Sage's Wills, [Hylia] will make your bond with a sage stronger." Doing so will upgrade the Sage's Vow in question to a Solemn Sage's Vow, improving the chosen Sage's attack power.