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This is a list of characters found in Link's Awakening.

Main Characters


Main article: Link (A Link to the Past)#Link's Awakening

The star of the game, and of all the other Zelda games to date. Link was sidetracked in a thunderstorm when a bolt of lightning struck his small ship. He got washed up on Koholint Island, and everyone says he cannot leave until the Wind Fish awakens. Marin and Tarin, residents of Mabe Village, took him in when Marin found him washed up on the shores. Isn't it strange how awakening a fish is his only way out? Don't you wonder why he can't just sail away? That's for you to find out.


Main article: Marin

Marin found Link washed up on the beach one day. She seems to have romantic feelings for Link, but she never completely shows it. You will see her several times during the game, one time sitting with her on the beach, another time saving her in Tal Tal Heights. Marin teaches Link the Ballad of the Wind Fish on his Ocarina. It is known to have awakening powers, as the Owl says.


Main article: Owl

The Owl is first seen when Link retrieves his Sword from Toronbo Shores, giving Link advice throughout the game and telling him where to go next. At the end of the game, it is revealed that the Owl is actually part of the Wind Fish's consciousness that manifested itself on Koholint Island.

Wind Fish

LA19 Wind Fish.png
Main article: Wind Fish

The Wind Fish is the creator and deity of Koholint Island, with it being a creation of his own dreams. Throughout most of the game, he resides in his Egg that sits atop Mt. Tamaranch and can only be awakened by playing the Ballad of the Wind Fish on the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. After Link defeats The Shadow Nightmares, the Wind Fish reveals himself to Link and explains to him the true nature of Koholint Island.

Shadow Nightmares

LA19 Nightmares.png
Main article: Shadow Nightmares

The Shadow Nightmares are the main antagonist of the game and are responsible for the Wind Fish's slumber. They are the collective final boss forms of the game, which Link must defeat to awaken the Wind Fish and leave Koholint Island.

Trading Sequence

Trendy Gamester

Trendy Gamester.png
Main article: Trendy Gamester

The Trendy Gamester runs the uns the Trendy Game, a popular pastime found in the southeast of Mabe Village. Link can pay 10 Rupees to play the trendy game and win prizes, including a Yoshi Doll which starts the Trading Sequence.


LA19 Mamasha.png
Main article: Mamasha

Papahl's Wife lives in the northernmost house of Mabe Village with her husband, Papahl, and five kids: a newborn baby and the Island Quadruplets that are so similar that sometimes she cannot even tell them apart. When Link first visits her, she asks him to get her a Yoshi Doll for her baby since she can't win it herself. When he gives it to her, she tells him that he is a very generous person and gives him a Ribbon in return.


LA19 CiaoCiao.png
Main article: CiaoCiao

YipYip is owned by Madam MeowMeow and lives in the right room of Madam MeowMeow's House. She loves fashion and make-up and greatly wants some more accessories. When Link gives her the Ribbon, she gives him Dog Food in return.


LA19 Sale.png
Main article: Sale

Sale is an alligator that lives in House o' Bananas on Toronbo Shores. He sells bananas, and is a huge fan of canned food. When Link gives him the Dog Food, he gives Link some Bananas in exchange. He is the brother of Schule Donavitch from Animal Village.


LA19 Kiki.png
Main article: Kiki

Kiki is a Monkey that can be found east of Kanalet Castle's gate. When Link gives him the Bananas, he calls his monkey friends and builds a bridge that allows Link to get into Kanalet Castle. After the bridge is complete, Kiki and his friends leave, leaving behind a Stick for Link to take.


Main article: Tarin

Tarin lives with his daughter Marin in their house in Mabe Village. When Link first washes up on Koholint Island and is rescued by Marin, he gives Link his Shield. Later in the game, he asks to borrow Link's Stick from Link to knock down a hive of Bees, but when he tries to knock it down, the bees chase him away. Link can then pick up the Honeycomb.

Chef Bear

LA19 Chef Bear.png
Main article: Chef Bear

The Chef Bear lives in the southeastern house in Animal Village, where she has a full kitchen. When Link enters her house, she is in need of some honey and trades Link the Honeycomb for a Pineapple.


LA19 Papahl.png
Main article: Papahl

Papahl lives with his wife and quadruplets in Mabe Village. When Link first visits him, he tells Link that he will get lost in the hills later on. After obtaining the Pineapple, Link can find Papahl on a cliff in Tal Tal Heights. Papahl is famished and unable to continue, so he is extremely thankful when Link gives him the Pineapple and he eats it immediately. Without anything else to give in return, he hands Link the Hibiscus.


LA19 Christine.png
Main article: Christine

Christine lives in Animal Village. When Link gives her the Hibiscus, she requests that he takes a Letter to Mr. Wright. Although the Letter bears her name, the picture inside is of Princess Peach. Mr. Write has no idea she is a goat; he thinks he's writing to a beautiful woman.

Mr. Write

LA19 Mr. Write.png
Main article: Mr. Write

Mr. Wright lives in a house just north of the Mysterious Forest. When Link delivers the Letter to him, he opens it and believes Christine is a beautiful woman. He gives Link the Broom in return, and immediately begins composing a response to Christine. He is a reference to Dr. Wright from the SNES SimCity, and his appearance is based on SimCity creator Will Wright.

Grandma Yahoo

LA19 Grandma Yahoo.png
Main article: Grandma Yahoo

Grandma Yahoo lives in a house in Mabe Village with Ulrira, though she can usually be found sweeping outside. When Link gives her the Broom, she thanks him and gives him a Fishing Hook which she says she found while sweeping near the river bank. Later in the game, she can be found in Animal Village.


LA19 Fisherman.png
Main article: Fisherman (Link's Awakening)

There are two Fisherman on Koholint Island. One of them is in Mabe Village, and will give you a Piece of Heart if you catch a big fish. The second one is under a bridge in Martha's Bay. If you give him the Fishing Hook you got from Grandma Yahoo, he will promise you his next catch. He will catch a necklace that belongs to the mermaid.


LA19 Mermaid.png
Main article: Mermaid

The Mermaid resides west of Catfish's Maw in Martha's Bay. If Link gives her the Necklace the Fisherman found, she will let Link take a Scale off her tail. With this scale Link can move the mermaid statue in the bay. After obtaining the Scale the Mermaid will never appear again.

Secret Goriya

LA19 Goriya.png
Main article: Secret Goriya

The Secret Goriya is found in a cave on Toronbo Shores but he can only bee seen with the Magnifying Lens. He offers to trade Link the Boomerang for the item on his B button.



LA19 BowWow.png
Main article: BowWow

BowWow is a Chain Chomp owned by Madam MeowMeow. After Link completes Tail Cave, BowWow is dognapped by Moblins. By defeating the Moblin Chief Link can rescue BowWow, who will follow him around. BowWow can eat the flowers at Goponga Swamp, allowing Link to access Bottle Grotto.


LA19 ChowChow.png
Main article: ChowChow

ChowChow is owned by Madam MeowMeow. It spends its time in her house yipping at strangers.

Hippo Model

LA19 Hippo.png
Main article: Hippo Model

The Hippo Model is found in a house in Animal Village. She is getting her portrait painted by Schule Donavitch and tells Link to go away if he speaks to her.


Main article: Joonya


Main article: Kidoh


LA19 Lattie.png
Main article: Lattie

Madam MeowMeow

Main article: Madam MeowMeow

Madame MeowMeow lives in Mabe Village with her two chain chomps. The small one lives in the doghouse, and she gives Link some Dog Food in exchange for the Bow he obtained from Papahl's Wife. The big one, BowWow, gets kidnapped by Moblins after the first dungeon, and it's Link's job to save him.

Old Man Ulrira

Main article: Old Man Ulrira

Ulrira is a shy old man who never talks in person. If Link goes into a Tree Telephone Booth, he will talk through the phone and give a hint of what to do next.


LA19 Rabbits.png
Main article: Rabbit

There are several Rabbits in Animal Village. Oddly, they are drawn into hypnosis practically whenever Marin sings the Ballad of the Wind Fish.

Schule Donavitch

LA19 Schule Donavitch.png
Main article: Schule Donavitch

Schule Donavitch lives in Animal Village. He is an artist and can always be found trying to paint a picture of a Hippo in his house. He has a French accent and is related to Sale.

Town Tool Shopkeeper

LA19 Shopkeeper.png
Main article: Town Tool Shopkeeper

The Shop Keeper owns the shop in Mabe Village. He sells goods to Link to help him on his quest. However, Link can steal the items, resulting in the Shop Keeper blasting him with a bolt of lightning that will kill him the next time he enters. Link will be called "THIEF" for the rest of the game if he steals anything.


Main article: Suhni



LA19 ???.png
Main article: ??? (Link's Awakening)

??? is a pile of bones in Yarna Desert who gives Link advice on where to bomb a wall.

Bucket Mouse

Main article: Bucket Mouse

Bucket Mouse answers the phone in Old Man Ulrira's House.

Crazy Tracy

LA19 Crazy Tracy.png
Main article: Crazy Tracy

Crazy Tracy lives in a small house by Manbo's pond. She will sell Link some of her Secret Medicine.


Main article: Dampé

Henhouse Keeper

LA19 Henhouse Keeper.png
Main article: Henhouse Keeper

The Henhouse Keeper lives in the Hen House on the top of Tal Tal Heights. He has several cuccos in his home, and he tells Link the legend of the blue flying rooster. After Link completes Eagle's Tower, the rooster will have made its way into the Hen House.


LA19 Dion.png
Main article: Dion

This member of the Color Guard blocks the entrance to the Color Dungeon. Link must guess the colors of their clothes correctly in order to enter the dungeon.

Fairy Queen

LA19 Fairy Queen.png
Main article: Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen is found at the end of the Color Dungeon. She offers Link the power of color, allowing him to swap out his tunic with a red or blue one. These tunics increase his offense or defense respectively.

Flying Rooster

LA19 Flying Rooster.png
Main article: Flying Rooster

The Flying Rooster is a bird who used to carry around people in Mabe Village and allow them to fly. However, after his death he was buried under the Weathercock. By playing the Frog's Song of Soul, Link can bring the rooster back to life, allowing him to fly across a pit in the Tal Tal Mountain Range to reach the Bird Key. The Flying Rooster decides to stay with the Henhouse Keeper after Link completes Eagle's Tower.


LA19 Gar.png
Main article: Gar

This member of the Color Guard blocks the entrance to the Color Dungeon. Link must guess the colors of their clothes correctly in order to enter the dungeon.


LA19 Ghost.png
Main article: Ghost

This Ghost will begin to stalk Link after completing Angler's Tunnel. It asks to be taken to its old house, which turns out to be the House by the Bay. Afterwards, it then requests to be taken to its grave by the Witch's Hut. Before leaving, it will tell Link of a Secret Seashell hidden in the House.

Great Fairy

LA19 Great Fairy.png
Main article: Great Fairy

There are many Great Fairies hidden around Koholint Island. If Link manages to find one of their hidden springs, the Great Fairy will heal him.

Li'l Devil

LA19 Li'l Devil.png
Main article: Li'l Devil

Li'l is found in three different places on Koholint Island. If Link sprinkles Magic Powder on his wells, Mad Batter will pop out and allow Link to hold more Magic Powder, Bombs, or Arrows. Mad Batter can be found in the Mysterious Forest, near the House by the Bay, and on the west Tal Tal Mountain Range.


LA19 Mamu.png
Main article: Mamu

Mamu owns a band that lives under the Signpost Maze. Link needs to read all of the signs in the correct order, and a staircase will appear. Mamu will teach Link his third Ocarina song, the Frog's Song of Soul. This will bring certain things and/or beings back to life.


LA19 Manbo.png
Main article: Manbo

Manbo is a big fish that lives in a cave west of Angler's Tunnel. After talking to him and his fish they will sing a song. Link learns his second song from it, Manbo's Mambo. Playing this song will warp Link to Manbo's Pond, or playing it in dungeons will warp Link to the dungeon entrance.

Raft Shop Owner

LA19 Raft Shop Owner.png
Main article: Raft Shop Owner

The Raft Shop Owner owns the Raft Shop at Tal Tal Heights. For 100 Rupees he will rent a raft to Link so he can go on the Rapids Ride.


LA19 Richard.png
Main article: Richard (Link's Awakening)

Richard lived in Kanalet Castle until his servants went berserk. He fled to his Vila, southwest of Kanalet Castle. He requests that Link retrieve his five Golden Leaves, and in return gives the Slime Key to access Key Cavern.

Secret Zora

LA19 Secret Zora.png
Main article: Secret Zora

The Secret Zora appears in a small pond in a house in Animal Village in the DX version of the game. He can only be found with the Magnifying Lens. The Photographer takes a picture of him and Link.

Spirit of the Mansion

LA19 Spirit of the Mansion.png
Main article: Spirit of the Mansion

The Spirit of the Mansion is a mysterious voice heard in the Seashell Mansion. It asks Link to collect Secret Seashell to banish the darkness. It grants him the Koholint Sword once he gathers enough seashells.


LA19 Syrup.png
Main article: Syrup

Syrup is a witch who lives in a hut on the eastern border of the Mysterious Forest. If Link gives her the Sleepy Toadstool he finds in the forest, she will make some Magic Powder for him.

Talking Tree

LA19 Talking Tree.png
Main article: Talking Tree

There are two Talking Trees who can be found outside of the Seashell Mansion. They tell Link that he can use Bombs on walls that sound hollow when he hits them with his sword.


LA19 Walrus.png
Main article: Walrus

The Walrus is an animal who falls asleep at the entrance to the path to Yarna Desert in the East of the Bay region. He loves hearing Marin sing. In order to get past him, Link must bring Marin with him to sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish.