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The Color Guard[1] are Gar and Dion, two minor characters that only appear in the Link's Awakening DX and Link's Awakening (Switch). They protect the entrance to the Color Dungeon, a secret dungeon found in the Cemetery that is exclusive to the remake. In order to allow Link to pass into the dungeon, they must ensure he has the "power of color".[2] To test this, they ask what color their clothes are.[3] Then they immediately tell Link to keep it a secret.[4]

Gar, the guard on the left, is wearing blue. If Link guesses correctly, he moves aside and suggests that he gets Magic Powder before proceeding farther into the dungeon.[5]

Dion, the guard on the right is wearing red. Like his companion, he moves aside upon hearing the correct answer. He informs Link that the Fairy Queen is waiting for him.[6]



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