Wind Fish's Egg

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Wind Fish's Egg
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Shadow Nightmares: Giant Gel, Agahnim's Shadow, Moldorm's Shadow, Shadow of Ganon, Lanmola & DethI




Wind Fish wakes, game completion



In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 聖なるタマゴ
France Française Œuf Sacré
Spain Español Huevo del Pez del Viento
Germany Deutsch Windfisch-Ei
Italy Italiana Uovo del pesce vento
Netherlands Nederlands Windvis-ei
Russia Русский Яйцо Рыбы ветров
South Korea 한국어 성스러운 알

The Wind Fish's Egg is the egg that the mystical Wind Fish is asleep inside of on top of Mt. Tamaranch in the Tal Tal Mountain Range.[1] According to the Owl, Link can only leave the island when he gathers the Eight Instruments of the Sirens and plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish.[2] After doing so, the egg cracks open and Link must enter and defeat the Shadow Nightmares.

Link's Awakening

The interior of the egg is dark, lit by a few torches. After falling down a hole, Link is trapped in a maze that is endless unless he knows the correct path. The directions are written in the Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint book in the Village Library. However, Link needs to obtain the Magnifying Lens in order to read it.[3]

In the Switch version of the game, the path is completely random and can only be learned via the book. The inside of the maze lights up once the book is read. In the original game and the DX version, there are four options for directions, with one being chosen at random when Link reads the book for the first time.

  • Option One: ←←↑→→↑←↑
  • Option Two: →↑↑→↑↑→↑
  • Option Three: ←↑→↑←↑→↑
  • Option Four: ←←↑←↑→→↑

If Link does not read the book, then the path will be option one.

After rescuing Marin from a bridge in the Tal Tal Mountain Range, the Owl informs Link that she tried to sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish in front of the egg. He wonders if she was trying to awaken the Wind Fish.[4]



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