Kanalet Castle

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Kanalet Castle
Kanalet Castle LADX.png
Kanalet Castle from Link's Awakening DX





Richard (former)



Give Kiki some Bananas


Access to Pothole Field for Slime Key



In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 カナレットの城
France Française Château Canulet
Spain Español Castillo de Kanalet
Germany Deutsch Schloss Kanalet
Italy Italiana Castello di Kanalet
Netherlands Nederlands Kasteel Kanalet
Russia Русский Замок Каналет
South Korea 한국어 카나렛 성

Kanalet Castle is a mini-dungeon in Link's Awakening where Link must find five Golden Leaves. It is the former home of Richard.[1]


When Link first meets Richard, he claims that he used to live in Kanalet Castle, but his servants went berserk and he fled to his villa.[1] He asks Link to collect the five Golden Leaves that he left behind there.[2] After doing so, Richard will let Link through a secret passage in his house to acquire the key to Key Cavern.[3]

The Kanalet Castle gate is originally closed, so in order to access the castle Link must give Kiki the Monkey some Bananas, which are part of the Trading Sequence.[4] Kiki then calls other monkeys to create a bridge that allows Link to enter the castle through an underground passage.[5]

In the DX version of the game, Link can take a photograph outside of Kanalet Castle. If he walks up to the gate, he will be greeted by the Photographer, who is interested in taking a picture of the old castle.[6]. Richard then joins him and says he believes that their courage in retrieving the Golden Leaves deserves a photo.[7][8] This photograph is unavailable after Link opens the castle gate by pressing a switch inside.


There are very few enemies in Kanalet Castle. However, it is notable as hosting the only Mad Bomber in the game, who guards one of the Golden Leaves.


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