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Anti-Fairies are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are a spinning fireball-like enemy with a skeleton face in the middle. They are basically Fairies that had some dark magic inflicted on them. So, if Link defeats it in a specific way, it leaves a Fairy behind, which can be used to recover health. Anti-Fairies are not affected by most items.


A Link to the Past

Anti-Fairies make their first appearance in this game. Anti-Fairy is an enemy that appears in dungeons in A Link to the Past. They cannot be damaged by conventional means. They move around the room, ricocheting off of everything they touch. They hurt Link upon contact, as well as stealing Magic Power from Link at the same time. However, if Link sprays some Magic Powder on them, they will turn into a Fairy.

Link's Awakening

Anti-Fairies are a common enemy and can be found in many dungeons and caves on Koholint Island. They constantly move around the room, bouncing off of barriers such as walls, blocks, or the edges of platforms. They always move diagonally and are easy to avoid when in large rooms, but can be an annoyance if Link is in a small area or narrow hallway. If Link finds himself trapped in a hallway with one coming at him, it may be wise to use the Roc's Feather to jump over it.

Once Link faces them a few times, he begins to understand how they move and they will be a lot easier to dodge. However, the Anti-Fairy can be beneficial if Link knows how to handle them correctly. If Link has the Magic Powder, he should sprinkle some on an Anti-Fairy to turn them into a Fairy. In later dungeons, this can come in handy when Link is desperately looking for health.

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Anti-Fairies look and act the same as they did in Link's Awakening. They rebound off of walls and bump into Link to cause him damage. Trying to use any weapon except the Boomerang is pointless, as they do not even falter this enemy. Defeating Anti-Fairies with the Boomerang will turn it into a Fairy.

Four Swords

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Four Swords Adventures

Anti-Fairies are seen periodically throughout the game. Unlike most enemies, they can exist in the Dark World. If they touch Link, they deal a small amount of damage. They cannot be destroyed by Link's sword. Jumping over them with the Roc's Feather is efficient in avoiding them.

The Minish Cap

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The Anti-Fairies cannot technically hurt Link. If they do come in contact with him, he'll be unable to swing his sword for a short period. Link can use his Boomerang to defeat these annoying enemies. The Anti-Fairies come in two color varieties: Red and Blue. The Blue variant is stronger than its red counterpart. The Boomerang, Gust Jar, or Bow will eliminate this foe.