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Archers are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are a variety of Soldiers that specialize in utilizing Arrows and are commonly found in the Light World. There are two varieties of this enemy: green and blue.

Making direct contact with the Archers or being hit by their arrows will deal 1/2 a heart of damage to Link. The arrows fired by them can easily be deflected with any shield.

Green Archers


The Green Archers are stationary, hiding in the grass and underneath bushes awaiting Link to approach them. When Link draws near, they will pop up to shoot arrows at him before retreating back down. They can easily be defeated with two slashes with the Fighter's Sword.

Blue Archers

Unlike the Green Archers, the Blue Archers can be found patrolling areas of the overworld. Upon spotting Link, they will chase him while keeping their distance to shoot arrows at him. They are slightly stronger than their green counterparts, requiring three slashes with the Fighter's Sword to defeat. Blue Archers will also often leave behind arrows as a reward for defeating them.