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Archers are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past. They are commonly found in the Light World. They share a resemblance to their Sword Soldier counterparts, with the only exception being that they wield Arrows.

Green Archers


Green Archers hide in the grass and underneath bushes, waiting for Link to approach them. When Link draws near, they will shoot arrows at him. The primary difference between the blue and green archers is that the green ones are immobile as they are stuck underneath the particular bush or grassy area where they are first encountered. They are also slightly weaker, with Link needing only two sword slashes with his Fighter's Sword to defeat them.

Blue Archers

Blue Archers can be found in the open patrolling areas of the overworld. When Link comes near, the archer will turn toward Link and back away, shooting arrows in the process. Despite not retrieving the arrow, these archers have an infinite amount of arrows.

Even Link's weak Fighter's Shield will be able to fend off basic arrow attacks from these archers. If Link does get it, whether it be from an arrow or simply by running into an archer, 1/2 heart of damage will be done. Three sword slashes with the Fighter's Sword will defeat this enemy. Blue archers often leave behind arrows as a reward for defeating them.