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"These characters block Link's path. Thump them once on the head and then move on."

— Nintendo Player's Guide

Mole are a type of Barrier enemy that appears in A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes.


A Link to the Past


Moles first appear within the Dark Palace. They are stationary barriers that block Link from progressing onward. These Moles sometimes block off nearby ledges, pathways within rooms, or large Treasure Chests. Link cannot do anything to get by these barriers initially, but once he acquires the Magic Hammer, he can pound on these Moles. Once a Mole has been hit with the hammer, Link will be able to walk on the block where the Mole previously stood.

A Link Between Worlds

Mole ALBW.png

The Mole makes another appearance in A Link Between Worlds. It is very similar to that in the first game but the effects of the hammer are now temporary. If Link is standing when the Mole resurfaces, he will be propelled, often to a platform. This means that the Mole itself is used primarily for puzzles rather than as a true enemy.

Tri Force Heroes

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The method of defeating a Mole could very well be an ode to the Whac-A-Mole arcade machine, since it requires use of the Magic Hammer.