Keese Swarm

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Keese Swarm
Lost Woods FSA.jpg
A Keese Swarm in the Lost Woods





Keese Swarm is an enemy that appears in Four Swords Adventures. Its appearance is that of a red Keese with many smaller purple Keese flying behind it as a tail. It appears twice in the game: one time each in the Lost Woods and The Swamp. In The Swamp, it appears out of a tree in the graveyard. In Lost Woods, it is in the same area that the Links enter the woods from, only appearing after they destroy or lift the southeastern bush on the right.

After appearing, the Keese Swarm immediately begins to circle the Links. Due to its long tail, it can trap them within the circle. In order to defeat it, they must hit the main red Keese with the Four Sword. The Wide and Long formations work the best; otherwise, it manages to fly away from attacks. Upon defeat, every purple Keese in the tail turns into a green Force Gem. Occasionally, the red Keese drops a Recovery Heart or red Force Gem.