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Kodongos are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds and Tri Force Heroes.


A Link to the Past

Kodongo are triceratops-like enemies that are first encountered in the Tower of Hera. They have an ability to breathing bursts of three fireballs in a straight line. When the fireballs hit on something, it will turn into flames that can temporarily block off passageways.

Kodongos come in two variation; red and green. Red Kodongos can be found in the Tower of Hera, while Green Kodongos live in a dark room of the Dark Palace in the Dark World. There are very few differences between the two as Green Kodongo is no stronger than the Red Kodongo. The only difference appears to be that the Green Kodongos find their home in dark areas, making them a bit more dangerous for Link to battle against them. Both Kodongos are exactly the same in attack method, and can be defeated with a single sword strike.

A Link Between Worlds

Kodongos in this game are almost identical to the Kodongos in A Link to the Past. They appear in the Dark palace.

Tri Force Heroes

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