Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Zora’s Domain

NOTE: At this point in the game, you do not need to venture to Zora’s Domain. For the Free the Divine Beasts objective, you can venture in multiple directions, going to any of the four major beacons and doing them in any order you wish. Since Zora’s Domain is the closest one to areas already explored by this walkthrough, this is our first destination. If your wanderlust leads you in a different direction, simply select the relevant chapter from the list below.

4.1 Lanayru Tower

Warp over to Kakariko Village and climb your way northward up the mountainous peaks. You’ll eventually reach a massive body of water. If you look down below, you’ll be able to see a pair of shrines, one nearby and one in the distance. Take the plunge and drop down to the Daka Tuss Shrine. Complete the shrine if you wish, or don’t, but it’s always a good idea to at least activate its warp point. From here travel northward to reach the Goponga Village Ruins as you head to another shrine in the distance.

As you walk across the swamp area towards the shrine, you’ll more than likely encounter one of many Zora that are swimming around this area. Each of them will call over from the water if they see you and then point you in the direction of the Lanayru Sheikah Tower. They ask you to go upstream to Zora River, which is just north of that tower, leading to the Inogo Bridge, and seek out Prince Sidon, who is in desperate search for a Hylian like Link. Swim across to the north side of the river and then begin your journey to the tower to the east.

As you travel towards the tower, if you look back at the water, there is a massive enemy stronghold here. Just east of this stronghold there is a long bridge that eventually leads to a pathway up to the tower. This is your best option for reaching the top of the tower. The path is filled with enemies so be careful. It’s a bit curvy as you make your way up and you’ll have to climb up against some rocks. Nevertheless, slowly make your way up to the Lanayru Tower. As the rest of this chapter and the next will be in this region, now is the best time to climb the tower and unlock it.

4.2 Zora's River

After you unlock the tower, we now want to take the pathway that is just north of the tower. This area is filled with some more treacherous enemies, including Lizalfos and Octoroks. If this is the first region you’ve ventured to after Kakariko Village, then you are definitely in for a challenge, however if you unlocked the tower, you can simply glide over a great portion of enemies. Continue along the path until you reach the Inogo Bridge where you will find the Zora Prince, Sidon. He will give you anElectro Elixir, which will give you mid-level resistance to electricity when used. After talking to him, it will trigger a new objective, Reach Zora’s Domain.

Try your best to stick to the path as much as possible. As you progress, I highly recommend using arrows or a shield bash to get rid of the Octoroks in the water as they will certainly cause you some trouble. They have a lot greater range and accuracy than one might expect. As you scale the area, you’ll see some small blue beacons sticking out of the ground. These are there to help guide you along the proper path. Furthermore, if you unlocked the Lanayru Tower like we recommended, a road appears on the map to give you direction.

There are parts where you will have to walk across some rocks to get across the river. Just continue progressing and you’ll eventually see Sidon once again. Continue following the path and just eye your map so that you stay on the path. At one point you’ll have to diverge as spikes are blocking your way, but just keep pressing onward. You’ll eventually come to Luto’s Crossing, a massive bridge where Sidon will once again appear. As he’s talking to you, you’ll be confronted by a massive sized Moblin. Defeat the enemy and then continue across the bridge and along the path.

After crossing Luto’s Crossing, the pathway is still a bit lengthy, but not nearly as treacherous. Just follow the linear pathway until you eventually come to the entrance of Zora’s Domain.

4.3 Zora's Domain

Once you arrive at Zora’s Domain, run ahead and speak with Sidon who will want to introduce you to the King. At this point, you can wander around and talk to some of the various characters. I’d also recommend at least examining the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine, to get a warp zone for this area.

Climb up the rounded staircase on the sides and then up to reach the throne room where you will meet King Dorephan. Here he will tell you about the dire situation that Zora’s Domain is in. The king will also give Link the Zora Armor, which gives Link the ability to swim up waterfalls when worn. This will eventually trigger the next mission, the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Make your way back to the entrance of Zora’s Domain by the large statue of Mipha. Here you will find Muzu and he still doesn’t want Link’s help. Being in front of the statue will trigger a memory that Link has of Mipha. Even so, Muzu still doesn’t believe Link. It isn’t until after you put on the Zora Armor that Muzu will finally help you out. He mentions that you will need to find Shock Arrows. There are Shock Arrows atop of Ploymus Mountain, but the area is guarded by a Lynel. Muzu says that you will need to collect at least 20 Shock Arrows.

Climb back up the spiral stairs as if you are going up to see the King again, and this time exit Zora’s Domain to the east.

4.4 Ploymus Mountain

Follow the sign that says it is a shortcut to Ploymus Mountain. From here, jump on the rock and swim into the waterfall. As long as you have the Zora Armor on, you will be able to swim up the waterfall. In the next area repeat the same process and swim up a second waterfall. Run ahead and you’ll find a third waterfall, so swim on up.

Walk clockwise around the mountain until you reach the peak and you’ll see the vicious Lynel. If this is the first realm you chose, you are almost certainly too underpowered to take on this Lynel (but for those who wish to try, cooking 5 Ironshrooms will make a meal that will give you some defense, as well as wearing an upgraded Soldier’s set if you have one; your attack power will still be low though so it would be a long fight). However, at this point it is not worth the time to defeat it, even if you can. If you recall, the goal here is to collect 20 Shock Arrows and they are scattered about, with most of them on tree trunks in this area. It’s important that you do not let the Lynel see you as because of its strong attacks and its very fast speed, it will be rather difficult to get away from him.

I would suggest saving your progress each time you get a few Shock Arrows. This way, if you are about to get a game over, you won’t have to recollect those ones. There are more than 20 Shock Arrows here, so just be patient and keep checking tree trunks for them. After getting at least 20 Shock Arrows, make your way to the south end of the mountain where there is a caution sign. From here leap down to reach the East Reservoir Lake.

4.5 East Reservoir Lake

Put on your Zora Armor if you don’t already have it on and then talk to Sidon. I would highly recommend having a full batch of regular Arrows, as well as the 20 required Shock Arrows. Once you are ready for a battle with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, let Sidon know and Link will jump on Sidon’s back.

Sidon will swim along the perimeter but the Divine Beast will launch Ice Blocks out towards you. You will have to destroy these blocks, otherwise you will take damage. There are many methods for this, but by far the easiest way to break the ice blocks is to use your Cryonis ability as it will cause them to break immediately, does not require ammo, and can be done at any distance. Alternatively, you can also just shoot regular arrows, or even wait until they get close and melee them, or try to use stasis so they crash into each other, but these methods are not as effective. After all the ice blocks are out of the way, Sidon will swim towards the waterfall. Swim up the waterfall and it will launch you into the air. While in mid-air, pull out your bow and shoot a Shock Arrow out at the glowing pink orbs.

After each time you hit a glowing pink orb, the ice portion of the battle will change. The Divine Beast will launch a spherical ice block at you and it will chase you down from the back. Repeat the same process of destroying it. Other than this difference, the cycle is the same; after all the ice is gone, swim up another waterfall and hit another pink orb with a Shock Arrow. In the final phase of this battle, there are significantly more ice blocks, and you’ll have to get rid of them in order to get a chance to hit the beast. Repeat this process until it has been defeated.

Link will then get dropped off at the dungeon entrance and this will begin the major dungeon of this region.

  • Pasquale Russo

    how can you beat the dungeon? Pls help

  • Philip Woolford

    See next section: “Chapter 5 – Vah Ruta Dungeon”

  • The Ecraftian

    I just fell off the platform for the divine beast and it wont let me re approach it. I can’t teleport to it either so… how do I enter again?

  • zeldafan2100

    you should be able to teleport to it, but selecting it is kinda finicky.

  • Booga

    You should add to you can destroy the ice with the ice rune. This way you don’t waste arrows. The ice rune will destroy iceblocks you create as well as the ice block the beast throws at you.

  • BlueLanturn

    So, I fucked up. I squandered my shock arrows by being a dumbass and cant go back to my save to before I used them. There are not enough arrows left and the arrows dont respawn by any means. What do I do?

  • I know for a fact that there are plenty of places elsewhere where you can get arrows, but I’m not sure if you’ve uncovered them. I also don’t know if you leave the area and come back, whether the shock arrows respawn.

    Nevertheless, one idea might be to just move onward and return to this part of the game when you have more shock arrows.

  • Thank you, adding that now. I kinda figured that out… when fighting Waterblight Ganon. I didn’t think to do it at this boss battle.

  • Correct, it is very poorly designed, since the description and teleporting are two icons right on top of each other.

  • Kinebudz

    you can use your melee weapons on the blocks but it only works if they are on the side… I found that the wood cutting axe works fairly well because it has a huge hitbox. I only used this method because my first try i broke 4 bows destroying the projectiles and had to restart. for the spikes i haven’t tried melee i just used the ice pillars. also if you are trying to hit any of the 4 points you can glide across to the other side … seems obvious but some might not have thought of it

  • Kinebudz

    I picked up approximately 40ish arrows from there climbing rocks and trees so you can go back and get more than enough you technically only need 4 arrows for the upcoming part

  • Kinebudz

    also if this is your first dungeon and you picked up enough 24 dmg boomerangs from the blue lizards and have a decent supply of food you can kill the guy easily if you just backflip or side step his strikes , but all of your weapons will most likely break unless you take + dmg food / elixers. don’t bother with your good shields he will break them in 1 or 2 hits

  • Thortok

    Best way to break the ice is using the Cryonis rune.

  • Kinebudz

    the blocks though are hard to react to with the rune so i found hitting it with a melee weapon much easier. Perhaps personal preference , but now its known that both can be used

  • Thortok

    This ENTIRE GAME is a study in personal preference. =D

  • Kinebudz

    you just said using ice rune is the best… that is your opinion what i posted was mine.

  • Kate Drwecka

    you can also use your cryonis rune to break the ice and save arows

  • Dave Gayheart

    If you cycle your slo-mo arrow targeting, you can actually beat this in only two rounds. Fight through the first ice block portion and swim up the waterfall. When you release into the air, target the pink orb on the other leg (far one) on the same side of the beast. It may take a few shots to line it up, but you should have the stamina to spare if you’ve picked up a container or two from your shrine rewards. Once you hit the far leg, turn back and target the leg the game intended you to when you swam up the falls. I managed to beat this part facing only two waves of ice blocks, one square and one spiked.

  • OMGItsJack

    I’m turn the lever to (attempt to) make the fire around one of the terminals but it’s not working. What did I do wrong?

  • OMGItsJack

    I’m turning the lever to (attempt to) make the fire around one of the terminals subside but it’s not working. What did I do?

  • Thortok

    This question is really for the next chapter. Please ask it there to prevent spoilers?

  • Always Alex

    Wow these quests are quite short compared to other zelda chapters hope theres a lot of chapters then

  • Thortok

    The game itself is quite short if you skip the story and go to the final boss. How quickly these quests get done is entirely up to your sense of ADD and distraction and how much you get sidetracked and explore. =P

    If you’re just following the walkthrough step by step and not doing anything else, you’re experiencing about 5% of what the game has to offer.

  • Always Alex

    Wow! So how many chapters even are there?

  • Thortok

    Mases is making the decision of how to break them up into chapters so won’t know until he’s done, but there’s at least 4 main dungeons (that can be done in any order, or skipped) as well as whatever the final area is. And there could be more, too. I’m actually trying not to spoil it for myself, either. =P

    Mases is pushing through the main storyline quickly while I am taking the more completionist route. Right now I’m working on Korok seeds, Shrines, and sidequests for instance.

  • Peder

    If i leave the rah hoe do i get back on it?

  • Thortok

    Teleport to it. You may have to turn off the main quest marker in order to be able to easily select the teleport point.

  • Ray Bois

    Is there prayer stones somewhere in Zora domain? To increase your hearts and Stamina? I can’t seam to find any.

  • Ray Bois

    That actually didn’t work for me…

  • Thortok

    I didn’t find any. I just warp to Kakariko whenever I need to turn in Spirit Orbs.

  • George

    There is one. In between two sets of stairs just as you enter

  • Thortok

    Aha, found it, just down the stairs from the throne room. I’ll add it to the map, thanks!

  • James

    Well the main quest is short, but there are side quests to do and finding/doing all the shrines is a big part of the game. The shrines make up for the puzzles that we lose with only having 4 dungeons. So puzzles that would’ve have been in dungeons that only spanned a few rooms and really didn’t affect the dungeon as a whole are replaced by shrines.

  • Great_Scott

    I actually found it super easy to get to Zora’s Domain by keeping off the path. That’s the awesomeness of this game, you can pretty much do anything you want. Enemies off the trail in this area are weak, very few, and far between, and there’s very little to no rock climbing necessary for most of the trek which is great as it’s raining the whole time. Also, there are a series of historical Zora carvings on the mountain sides detailing the history of the people that can be found along the way which make for a somewhat interesting read. I would just recommend that if you go this route, you should have already the map so you don’t get too off course.

  • Great_Scott

    Also, there’s a pretty powerful two handed sword hidden behind the shrine at Zora’s domain, it’s a good weapon for dispatching stronger foes, especially if this is the first level you’re going to tackle in the game.

  • Thortok

    Absolutely make your own way whenever you please!

    Those historical carvings are related to a sidequest, by the way. I’m not sure what happens if you’ve already read some of them before you start it, might actually save you some time, heh.

    In fact, that sidequest gives you a hint of where to find the Zora Helm, too.

  • Wade

    Was able to find 30 shock arrows on the mountain

  • Christian Volet

    If you run out of shock arrows, do you just have to die and start over?

  • Carina Scherstein

    In the east resarvoir lake Sidon always sends me up in the wrong waterfall and I dont find the last pink orb and then I die. I hate this metallcan elephant.

  • Thortok

    Don’t go up the first waterfall you pass. Figure out which one you need and wait for it to come around.

  • Petty

    Engaged the Lynel and broke all my weapons leaving him with just under half his life left.


  • Mick

    I’m beginning to lose heart with the game as I just don’t seem able to get far. I’ve enjoyed it so much up to now, but now the monsters need more than smashing them over the head to kill them I’m totally stuck. I don’t seem to have the control I need to step sideways, backflip etc, but had no problem with it in other Zelda games. I’m not sure if it’s cos I’m getting old or my WiiU is getting a bit battered and not responding properly. I love walking around and looking at things, and have been trying to light up all the towers and shrines, but gave up on a couple as I was totally obliterated by things I hadn’t seen. The lack of control is also stopping me getting rid of the Guardians. I found the Guardian shields don’t reflect back the rays either. I’ve been reading the posts but don’t see others having the same problems. I started my walkabout when I couldn’t find Sidon after getting my arrows so thought I’d explore. Wandering around the mountains and woods is really relaxing 🙂 Oh and just wondered if vegetarians have any problem with killing their food? I’m not a veggie but still feel guilty at my murder of cute creatures 😀

  • Thortok

    Combat in this game is pretty demanding when it comes to a sense of timing. Not only do you have to jump out of the way (and they moved the button to do this so your muscle memory is off), you have to perfectly time it in order to get the bonus ‘flurry rush’ and do extra damage in return (practically required for killing off high-hp foes in a timely manner).

    As far as guardians, you can’t just shield their attacks, that will just damage your shields. You again have to do a timed response (A is the default button). Z-target something and swing your shield a few times to figure out which button it is. (Same button to shield surf if you’re in mid-air on a hill.) If you perfectly time your shield swing, it will be a ‘perfect guard’ and reflect attacks back, including guardian lasers. This is pretty much necessary for killing high-hp guardians as well.

    At the start of the game, flurry rush and perfect guard aren’t required as much….but they quickly become more and more required as the game goes on.

    It also helps to out-gear your opponents. Exploring the world, collecting and upgrading armor, getting really strong weapons, having the right buffs for the fight, these make a tremendous difference. You can go from taking 20 hearts in a single hit to taking a quarter of a heart, just from gearing for the fight correctly.

    This is why you could run straight to the end of the game if you wanted to, but not having all the gear you could have to help out means you’re likely to get slaughtered. The lesson to learn though is that the end of the game is not the only place where this applies. Many areas in the game, if you’re not prepared for, will slaughter you.

    On the other hand, practically every area of the game can be made way easier by having the right gear for it. So even if the combat skills are weak, and you don’t dodge or guard very well, there’s still other options….but a lot of those options require you to voyage pretty far away to go collect what you need, etc. So it’s totally okay to put something ‘on hold’ for awhile and go explore elsewhere in the world instead…in fact, I think that’s actually something the designers intended.

    The game doesn’t really hold your hand and steer you to the gear you need…it just punishes you for not having it. Try to find as much armor as you can and upgrade it as much as you can to give yourself plenty of options, and cook lots of buff-giving food to have those options as well.

  • Mick

    Does any of the gear re-spawn along with murdered monsters? I’ve lost an awful lot of good stuff by being in places that weren’t such a good idea. I finally got the hang of beating that first little guardian in the shrine above Kakariko. I think I was trying to press too many buttons and hadn’t realised that ZL needs to be held down and not released or that it was the left direction thingy to use and not the right. The game must have shown me the pictures so many times and I still didn’t catch on. It’s a start anyway 🙂 But I do wish I’d not smashed all my good weapons to a pulp trying to smash up guardians. What a div I can be 🙁
    I still love the game but can’t quite see me ever finishing it but I can enjoy walking around picking stuff up from monsters and trying out all the shrines, finding towers and stuff. Thanks for helping Thortok, and for listening to me whining away 🙂

  • Thortok

    Gear respawns yes. You should never really be completely out of weapons. You can also use bombs (or magnesis if there’s metal nearby) as ultimate fallback options for doing damage.

  • Raewyn

    I wasn’t that thrilled having to kill for food (being a vegetarian) & was actually a bit disappointed at first (which I found odd as that’s somewhat’s a game!) But the need for survival means I will kill when i can but never the foxes. Guess it would be true in life if I had to do the same.

  • Mick

    It’s a weird feeling to be killing things that look so real. I’ve no problem with monsters but the animals get to me. Especially when I shot the cute blue bunny and only got a miserable few rupees for killing it. I know how you feel about it being a bit irrational as it’s a game, but we can’t help it. I can’t bring myself to kill foxes either, I know they can be a menace ripping rubbish bags apart out on the streets but they have such innocent faces. Don’t suppose chickens would agree though 🙂 I think what I miss most in this game is that we can’t pick up heart pieces – or so far I’ve not been able to anyway – other than completing an awful lot of shrines.

  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    Hi Thortok, I wonder if you can help me too…..i was in Zora domain and there was a beautiful shield and sword lying up agains the wall some where on a walk way or circle area…anyway, i did not pick it up as i wanted to save it for the dungeon…..i have since gone back to try and find it but i cant…..did you find it? can you direct me to it please :-)) if not no worries :-)) Hope you can though. Cheers tania

  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    Hope you dont give up …….it is hard to get used to the controls but you will get there and trust me the wii u is WAY easier than the Switch….which i sent back as it was RUBBISh and didnt work properly at all….keep at it …..I dont kill the foxes either….or BAMBI ….lol :-))) Tania

  • Mick

    Interesting about the Switch. I like the WiiU and am sad it’s going to disappear. So far I can get as far as getting the shock arrows, then I jump of the cliff and die every time lol. But the instructions for getting whichever beast we have to get really put me off as it seems so complicated. So I’ve not got that far, spent the time wandering around looking for memories, shrines and towers, then decided to restart the game and collect more sellable stuff so I can get a stealth outfit that contains more than just tights 🙂 I think maybe though I’m too used to the Zelda bash and crash when it comes to monsters and have no subtlety at all. If a bash round the head doesn’t do it, I sulk and give up lol. I think I got Bambi by accident. It had four legs and a body so I shot it. I also got the blue bunny cos I thought there’d be a huge reward. There wasn’t, so now no more bunny shooting.

  • Thortok

    The one hand sword and shield you’re referring to are leaning against the northern edge of the Zora Domain’s side of the northwest bridge leading across to the mountainous area.

  • Stian Kvinge

    I felt sorry for bombing 5 wolves at the same time, but the wolves attacked me first.

  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    hey THORTOK, thanks for that…..yeah i found it :-)) you are a star :-)) It is pretty nifty weapon too. Have you completed the game ? Did you 100% it? If so do you know how many Chests there are in total…..I really want to 100% it as i have with all the ohter zelda games but i cant find out how many there are so i wont know when i have them all :-)) Thanks again. Tania

  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    Hey Mick, Lovely to hear you are still at it. This game is definately more about precision thank Hyrules mash and bash :-)) LOL. I am getting the hang of it now. Each weapon has a diff effect when you use the y and the skilled attacks…..persist you will get there. I am also watching PRIMAGAMES youtube walktrhoughs and they are great along with this also…you might want to have a look :-)) I learnt a lot from watching him in battle etc….how far into it are you….I have just completed my VAH RUTO dungeon…. YAY….I have over 100 koroks and about 30 shrines so far. U? :-)) Tania What is your WII U name? Mine is TGCLONGFORD if you want to be friends ?

  • Mick

    Hello CatsandDogs, I’ve got as far as getting the shock arrows but so far haven’t dared go to the next bit because the controls seem a bit complicated for me. I’ve read ahead on the walkthrough and am now worried I can go no further. ‘Mick’ is a very nimble-pawed cat, but his human (me) is an old lady struggling with the controller now. Awful thing to happen after so many years of Nintendo games. I’m not sure how many shrines I’ve done – I’ve got 4 or 5 hearts and 2 of the green stuff. I don’t bother with the shrines using the gyro controls as I know I’ll not be able to do that. But I do love wandering around the world looking for shrines, things to sell, towers – I spend most of my time being instantly dead but it’s a lot of fun 🙂 If you have any tips for Vah Ruto I’d be really pleased to hear them. I think I read that I need to fly through the air and shoot arrows at the same time, which is going to cause me problems. I’ve been to visit Hyrule Castle, which was interesting to say the least, and can’t think how on earth we get inside. I’m trying not to read ahead too much or I’ll roll over and put the game away. Well I won’t really, I love walking around and checking out the views from the mountains and could make a game of that all by itself 🙂

  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    Well Hello old lady stuggling…..LOL…….LOL….ROFL….I have 9 cats (had 10 but one died recently) and 2 dogs they are so funny and i love them all dearly. I have hand problems too and the NINTENDO SWITCH was a night mare on all counts of usage but as for the WII U controller its a breeze, even the GIRO controls….you just take your time and do small movements and it will come to you…..i had probs at first too but i just persisted and the GIRO is actually very good fun in the shirnes. As for the VAH RUTA…you dont need to jump in the air……watch the video for PRIMAGAMES on youtube….here is the link

    I did it on my first attempt after watching him do it …..its actually really easy :-)) KEEP ME POSTED :-)) Tania #MummyOurGuardian

  • Thortok

    I have not completed the game yet. I have a new big screen TV that I recently ordered and I’m sort of pausing my Zelda playing until it gets here. It’s also my goal to 100% it -before- I beat it. Seeds, bosses, shrines, and exploring all the locations on the map count towards the completion rate. Chests do not, however they apparently stay open forever (not counting bokoblin chests?)

    More chests are added to the interactive map every day so I doubt we’ll ever have a final/accurate count.

  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    Ohhhhh ….I would love a bigger screen i only have 42″ but here in ireland they are so expensive to go bigger. What did you get if you dont mind me asking?

    Thanks for the zelda info. I am keeping a log of the chests. What do you mean they are added to the interactive map? Am i missing something. As soon as i open a chest they disappear, wood or metal out side of the shrines.

    Am i missing something please?

    I am determined to get everything too. It doesnt feel right to not get everything in a Zelda Game does it…LOL :-))) Thanks again. Tania

  • Thortok

    I got a 55 inch TV for $150. I’m still happy about it and it hasn’t even shipped yet lol. =D

    ZD has an interactive map in addition to these walkthrough pages. You can find it here:

    Since it’s wiki-based, it means anyone can go in and add more pins to the map, such as when they find treasure chests that aren’t yet mapped.

  • Mick

    I thought they were dogs and stood there while they bit me. I soon realised I’d got it wrong lol

  • Mick

    I’ll have a look at youtube. I’ve always found written descriptions better than videos until I met this game. Now I’m very grateful for the video help on the walkthrough. Sad your cat died. I know we have to accept it when we have them to live with us but it’s really hard. Very interested in what you’ve said about Switch. Before the game was released I read that it wouldn’t work with the WiiU controller but just the Pro controller. So I wasted shedloads of money buying one. Practised with it but missed the gyro controls. Very relieved that WiiU works but not happy that I spent the money. Maybe my problem with those controls is that I forget that I’m controlling them and that I’m not actually in the tv. I ended up with the controller upside down trying to work out what to do next, and at one time even half kneeling on the floor as I followed the screen and not my brain. Don’t you dare laugh hehehehe

  • cjones2467

    love this game…finding and killing the Guardians are the last thing on my list…I know I’ll have to face them eventually, but there is so much to see and find…it’s perfect..

  • CatsandDogs Tgc


  • CatsandDogs Tgc

    OMG……..$150.00 HOW THE HECK YOU GET THAT……..OVER EURO 650.00 HERE 🙁


  • Mick

    Got as far as the creature in Zora’s Domain. I’d like to know how you can get rid of ice cubes that come from behind. Obviously I’m now dead, but I’ve learned not to save the game at points like this.

  • CatsandDogs Tgc



  • Thortok

    I got a good deal. ^_^

    To add markers to the map, click the ‘how to add markers’ link at the top. Should help you from there.

    By default, treasure chests don’t show up at higher zoom levels (because there’s so many); if you choose layers in the legend though, all selected layers will show up at all zoom levels.

  • Thortok

    Multiple ways. Design is to use Cryonis to shatter them. Can also use Stasis on one and the others crash into it. Can also use weapons on them.

  • Mick

    Hi Thortok and CatsandDogs, I’ve just wiped out the game. I seem to have no control over the controls if that makes sense. I tried the normal arrows and they did nothing, tried the cryonis too, but what’s causing me problems I think is that they hit from behind and I don’t have the control to keep swinging around to see what’s behind me. I got as far as going up a waterfall and then not being able to find a pink orb to shoot and being dumped in the water to start again. So frustrating. So I’m going to try something else, try leaving fighting the actual beasts until last. Hopefully by then I’ll have got a better control of what I’m doing. If not, well it’s a truly beautiful world to explore. Also on this play through (I restart a lot as it gives me practice) I saved up for the stealth outfit and it made a huge difference when collecting the arrows. I love this game, but have to accept I might never be able to finish it. I never managed to finish off Demise – same problem, the coordination of the remote when I met him in the final battle. That made for a very bad wrist and I decided to stop there as I’d finished the game to within a whisker anyway. Thanks to you both for your help this week. Time for more practice I think. Another reason I love to restart the game is to watch Link kick open the first chest and then hop around when he hurts his toes 🙂

  • Kazza

    I’m living on mushrooms and plants. The only animals I’ve killed so far was a boar with the king and a fish for the warm clothes.

  • Donutjo99

    V same