7.1 Dungeon Map

Once you arrive, you will see that it is scorching hot. While you are in the indoor portions of this dungeon, just having the armor is enough, but the outdoor sections will require more heat resistance. Before even stepping foot through the door you can turn around and run to the edge of the Divine Beast where you will find a treasure chest containing an Ancient Screw. Now make your way down the steps.

Once you enter the door will shut behind you and the area is completely dark. There are a few glowing eyes scattered about this dark room and you should take them out with an arrow. If you are out of arrows you can just toss items at them. One of the initial eyes leaves a treasure chest that has a Torch. This particular torch has a Durability Upgrade where the flame will stay lit unless you put it away.

Run back to the entrance and light the torch with a blue flame. This will allow you to see better, but will also allow you to light another torch in this area, opening a nearby door.

On the other side of the gate you will find a mini-guardian as well as more corruption eyes scattered about. Defeat the guardian and you can also wander around this area, defeating all of the corruption eyes. Many of them will drop treasure chests for you. One of the spots of malice hides an unlit torch. Return back to the previous area and light your torch again. Walk around and light the unlit torch to raise the bars. Run ahead and place the Sheikah Slate in the pedestal to get the Dungeon Map.

What is different about this dungeon is that when looking at the dungeon map in your inventory, you have the ability to full rotate the dungeon 90 degrees. Many puzzles you solve in this dungeon will require you to do so. Before doing anything else, it’s probably a good idea to run around the previous two rooms, defeating any of the glowing eyes that you might have missed.

7.2 1st Terminal

The 1st Terminal is right here in the main room. Right after you get the dungeon map, walk past the gate and if you look up and to the right a bit, you will see the terminal is turned sideways. Go into your map and flip the dungeon 90 degrees. Run to the other end of the room and then use your paraglider so that you land accurately by the terminal. Place the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to activate it.

7.3 2nd Terminal

With the dungeon rotated 90 degrees, there is now a massive staircase leading to a higher floor. Run up the staircase to get outside. You will need to use a Fireproof Elixir once you step outside. Right when you reach the top of the staircase, rotate the dungeon so that it is back to normal. As it is rotating you can run along the side of the structure as that will soon be the ground floor. Run ahead and you’ll see an unlit torch. We’ll get to this in just a bit.

For now, look to the left of the unlit torch and you’ll see some malice up ahead. Shoot the glowing eye to eradicate it and then climb up a bit. You can’t keep climbing here, but what you want to do is just carefully fall off the small ledge to the left, being weary not to fall all the way down to the floor below. Now rotate the dungeon 90 degrees and you’ll be able to walk right where that malice was just located.

Walk along the perimeter here and you’ll see a treasure chest on the outskirts. Jump over and open it to get an Ancient Core. From right where you got the treasure chest, rotate the dungeon once again so that it is right side up. You’ll see some more nearby malice and an eye that hanging a bit higher up. Shoot the malice and the pedestal will be revealed. Walk on over and put the Sheikah Slate in place to activate the 2nd terminal.

7.4 3rd Terminal

The third terminal involves that unlit torch we saw, just after climbing the long staircase. We want to light that torch on fire, using the blue flames from the first floor of the dungeon. Make your way to the first floor and assure the dungeon is right-side up. Use the Torch that you go from the treasure chest in this dungeon, as it has a longer burn duration, so you can complete this puzzle in one shot.

Light the torch using one of the torches on the first floor and then rotate the dungeon. You want to make your way over to that large staircase and climb it to get back outside. Once outside, rotate the dungeon again, and walk along the ledge as it is rotating. Run over and light the unlit torch, causing the nearby gate to open up. This will cause a ball to roll down this enclosed gate.

Follow the ball as it will roll to the top of that large staircase. Rotate the dungeon so it is on its side again, and this will cause the ball to roll down the staircase. At the bottom of the staircase, there is a metal box and it is preventing the ball from rolling further down. Use your Magnesis ability to left the box and the ball will roll down further below. The ball will rest right in the perfect spot, causing a nearby gate to open. Run over and place the Sheikah Slate in the pedestal to activate the 3rd terminal.

7.5 4th Terminal

The 4th Terminal is right nearby on the main floor. Directly across the room from where the ball landed you will see two massive metal doors. However, the doors cannot be opened as a large piece of wood is blocking the doors. Shoot a Fire Arrow at the vines above and it will burn the vines as well as the wooden plank. If you do not have fire arrows, a regular arrow will do. What you will need to is hold out the arrow next to the blue flame and the flame will transfer to the arrow. The blue arrow can burn down the vines as well.

You can now use Magnesis to open the door and you’ll find the 4th Terminal just beyond. If you look at the ceiling there are more vines in this room and you can burn them; causing a treasure chest to drop down.

7.6 5th Terminal

The final terminal can be a bit tricky and it is located right near the entrance. From the start of the dungeon as you go down the ramp, there are the two torches. Just beside one of the torches there is a door that is closed, but there is a hole right in the middle of the door. If you peak through, you can see that there is a torch on the other side. Pull out an arrow and light it up using the nearby blue torch. Then aim through the hole and shoot the torch, causing the door to open.

There is a wall of flames in this room, preventing us from crossing. In the adjacent area, look up at the ceiling and you’ll see some more vines. Shoot a fire arrow at the vines to burn them down and a large metal cube will drop to the ground.

Use your Magnesis ability to pull the block and place it over the flames. Put it all the way to the right to assure it is fully blocking all three of the flames on the right side. Turn the dungeon sideways and you’ll be able to sneak by. Turn the dungeon once again and then activate the 5th terminal.

7.7 Fireblight Ganon

With all terminals now activated, it’s now time to activate the main control, which is located on top of the dungeon. Climb the large staircase and then make your way to the main control. Before taking on the dungeon boss, it’s probably a good idea to have full health, as well as some food so that you are ready to heal if necessary. Activate the main control to take on the Scourge of Divine Beast Vah Rudania, Fireblight Ganon.

During the first phase of Fireblight Ganon, he will wield a massive sword and will try to attack you. His vertical slashes can be dodged by jump sideways, where as his horizontal slash can be dodged by jump over them. Alternatively, you can avoid everything be keeping your distance. However, I think the best way to defeat him is to strategically dodge one of his attacks, allowing you to do a Flurry Strike and hit him multiple times with whatever is your most powerful weapon.

During this phase, Fireblight Ganon will occasionally do consecutive horizontal slashes, so be careful. He will also occasionally throw out a bunch of small fireballs in your direction and I would suggest quickly running away or blocking them if you have a proper shield. After half of his health is gone, it will transition to the second phase of the battle.

This second phase of Fireblight Ganon is actually somewhat easier. He will now float higher above and you will no longer be able to hit him with your sword. Fireblight Ganon will shoot fireballs out at you and you can either hide behind a pillar, or more effectively, just shoot them with an arrow to disintegrate them.

The key to defeating Fireblight Ganon is to use bombs. When he is charging up his fireball attack, he is sucking all the first from the air. Toss a bomb in his direction and he’ll suck it up, much like an Octorok. Detonate the bomb and Fireblight Ganon will come crashing down. Run on over and deliver some sword slashes.

Fireblight Ganon’s final attacks will come in the form of a laser attack, much like a Guardian. I would suggest running behind a pillar to avoid taking damage. While he’s flying around the room, you can now use any projectile, including arrows as well as just launch items at him. If you run out of items, you can still use bombs to deal damage. Just keep at it until Fireblight Ganon has been defeated.

  • thank you based Mases for this guide. i was stuck forever and now i will use this guide to complete it.

  • EnvoyofBacon

    This is easily the best guide I’ve seen for this, comprehensive pictures, and detailed descriptions. Thank you very much for this.

  • magicdanger26

    When you get the torch from the chest and light it and then put it away the flame doesn’t stay lit. But instead of durability it has an attack upgrade (+3). I double checked and it was like that.

  • My torch had increased throw distance, so wonder if it’s random what stat boost you get from chest loot.

  • XRaiderXD

    Yeah, it might be.

  • CasualKnickerbocker

    Just bombarding fireblight gannon with ice arrows and mixing in some sword when he’s paralyzed works really well. Especially in the third phase of the battle–he never even gets a chance to fire the laser if you just keep hitting him with ice arrows.

  • Sasha Plisko


  • Rid

    I don’t know what happened, but after I hit him with one bomb and about 84 damage from my sword he went back into his previous form. Please respond if you know what happened.

  • Isis Nether

    “What you will need to is hold out the arrow next to the blue flame and the flame will transfer to the arrow.”

    Pulling the bow and arrow out spontaneously ignites the notched arrow, so there’s no need for this. Not that it hurts, but yeah.

  • Chancellor Cole

    just use ice arrows

  • mewmew34

    If you’re wearing the boots and chestpiece of the fire armor, you don’t need to use potions when you’re outside of the Divine Beast. I have all but the helmet and never had it tell me I was on fire.

  • Michael Moore

    Fireblight Ganon was a piece of cake. You can just rush him at the beginning and wail on him to get him to half health in about 15 seconds. Then do the bomb trick once, knock him down, wail on him, dead.

  • Jaime

    So…. I don’t have enough fireproof elixir to do the two outdoors related terminals…I figured that maybe I could just travel to the Goron city and whip up a few more and travel back to the beast…I then realized that, even though I’ve activated the divine beasts portal outside the door of the beast, I can’t travel back there. I had to literally scale that mountain to jump in the volcano, while using the fireproof elixir to get back there….what a frustrating time.

  • Thortok

    You can travel back to it. However by default the quest objective marker tends to be in your way. Turn it off (or select a different quest) and travel to a divine beast you’ve started but not finished is a lot easier.

  • Thortok

    I know, this was my last divine beast and I’m like….he was supposed to try to attack me, right? Stand underneath him and melee and he just falls over and dies. Kinda sad.

  • Thortok

    Two pieces of the set is enough for flame guard level 2, however 3 pieces (with great fairy bonus of each piece at least 2 stars) gives ‘fireproof’, which means you literally cannot catch on fire, even when you get hit by it or stand in it.

  • A Person

    You don’t need to keep chugging potions. Go to the armor shop in Goron City and buy two of the set. That will give you enough fire protection to walk freely anywhere on Death Mountain.

  • Veronica Ledesma

    I felt the same lol first “phase” I was all okay this is easy I bet the second part is gonna be harder lol

  • Robotech Gamer

    He sounds easier than waterblite ganon

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  • Kevin Norris

    While in the divine beast bring up your map and press X (Leave area). Then you can teleport to Shae Mo’sah Shrine witch is next to Goron City. I’m playing Wii-U, not sure if it the same for Switch. Go to the armor shop in Goron City and buy what ever you need of the Flamebreaker set. The more of the set you have the more flame resistance you are 🙂

  • Kevin Norris

    What the bomb trick?

  • Midnafan

    I recommend a good defensive armor and a good shield for Fireblight. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at Perfect Dodge but his swings are tough to time, especially the horizontal one. He also leaves himself really open during the second phase once you got him down, with a good weapon you can just keep swinging and he can be defeated before he has a chance to start firing lasers. When Rudania’s face just opens up though–I don’t know what I expected. lol

  • Midnafan

    You only need two pieces of the set for full flame resistance. Screw the overpriced helmet.

  • Midnafan

    Still can’t swim in lava though? lame

  • Midnafan

    Mine had long throw. The torch always has a boost but the boost looks to be random.

  • hhog

    There is one more chest in this dungeon. On the top of the ramp (where the ball runs through), at the part where you exit outside, there’s a wall directly to your right. Tilt Rudanis so you stand on the side of that wall, and walk over to the edge. Tilt Rudania back the other way so you can safely go over the wall, and look down, where you’ll see a blight eye and a Cursed Skull spawn. Dispatch the blight eye, and stand on the platform where they were, then look down over the side. You should see a hole you can paraglide into, which leads to a hidden room with a chest containing a Silver (100) Rupee. There’s a switch here which will open the door, leading back inside, close to the 2nd Terminal.

  • Joshua Crain

    Yeah screw water blight I had to use fury to kill him because I ran out of arrows

  • Lukas S.

    It’s easy to gain Rupees. Just sell monster parts and gems. There’s even a guy who will buy gems for higher prices, but I can’t remember his name or whereabouts right now.

  • Lukas S.

    Not my personal experience haha.

  • Midnafan

    true but you need a lot of gems and monster parts to upgrade certain armors i got in the bad habit of selling all the gems i needed thinking “oh i can just get more” well i can but itll take a while :/

  • Jim

    Donkey dude?

  • Queen Of LoZ

    You didnt meet that guy who wanted lizards on your way up? Who gives you fireproof armor(the upper part.. the pants wasnt too expensive either, in Goron City..)?
    Im really surprised you have gone through the whole Death Mountain area AND into the beast on ONLY elixirs?! Very daring, and it sounds a little stressful. I know your post is old so i hope you made yourself through by now 😄

  • Queen Of LoZ

    Totally. Im on my second playthrough and decided to wait with buying the helmet. 🙂 too much money right now..

  • Scott Joudrey

    Where is the switch? I get into this room and its empty other than the treasure chest and then I’m stuck inside.

  • Amanda

    If u buy the rest of the armor in goron city you dont really need the elixir

  • rascal

    what if my torch burns out and breaks, how do i get another one?

  • Cadence Cooper

    Teleport out of the dungeon and come back, unfortunately :/ I had the same problem, and found that the Dragonbone Boko Club that I found in this dungeon will also burn long enough to make it up to the unlit torch.

  • Ren Stiffore

    Waterblight Ganon was an odd one. At first I ran out of everything, and died, but I came back to it after stocking up, and it’s literally just spamming Cryonis and bomb arrows. Even in the second phase, just bomb arrow him. I ended up feeling OP af.

  • Zora Master

    I recommend doing Vah Naboris after this, Urbosa’s fury makes this fight a complete pushover

  • SheLovesGames

    I found that if you get right up under Fireblight Gabon, he actually can’t hit you with his sword. I accidentally found this out after charging at him to too long. Lucky mistake I guess lol. I ended up killing him really fast after that. It felt more like I was attacking his butt more than his body.