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The Water Temple Walkthrough is a full guide to completing the Water Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. It includes a guide for the dungeon, including activating all four faucets, and defeating the dungeon boss, Mucktorok. The four faucets can be done in any order.

Faucet - 1F - West Side

  • Make your way to the west side of the dungeon, using the gravity to jump across the gaps. You'll be confronted by three Soldier Constructs that are quite powerful. Be sure to get rid of them first to make this area much easier.
  • At the northwest end of the platform, there is a device here that will create water globules. However, it is covered with Sludge. Use Sidon's Power of Water to clear some of the sludge. Some of it is a bit higher up so it may be easier to just throw a Splash Fruit to clear some of it.
  • Use Ultrahand and grab the Orb that is in the nearby water. Grab it and place it in one of the globules that device is creating. The orb will be carried up to the higer area, with the globule eventually popping and the orb settling here. Jump into a globule and ride the globule up to this higher area.
  • On the east side of the platform, there is a giant floodgate. If Link lifts it up with Ultrahand, water will flow away from this part of the dungeon. However, the floodgate will immediately come crashing down. There a few nearby Hover Stones that Link can use. Grab one with Ultrahand and bring it towards the floodgate. Activate the Hover Stone and then attach it to the top of the floodgate. Use Ultrahand to pull the hover stone up, opening the floodgate. It will remain open as long as there are Energy Wells in Link's Energy Cell.
  • With the Floodgate open, grab the Orb with Ultrahand and place it into the hole. This will cause a nearby gate to open. Run over to the open gate and Link will find a wheel on the inside. Use Sidon's Power of Water to shoot a blast of water at the wheel. The wheel will spin, activating one of the faucets.

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Faucet - B1 - Beneath Central Platform

  • The faucet can be found beneath the central platform in the area down below. The entrance is blocked by a wall of flames. Use Sidon's Power of Water to surround yourself with water and then walk through the flames.
  • On the other side of the flames, there is a Hover Stone nearby. Grab it and place it on the floor switch. Be sure to de-activate the hover stone so it lands on the ground, causing the flames to disappear.
  • At the far end of this room, there are numerous Hover Stones and an Orb. The goal is to grab the Orb and bring it back up to the higher ledge where you entered this room. The best way to go about this is to attach the orb to one of the hover stones and then use Ultrahand to move the hover stone.
  • Jumping can be a bit annoying here, so it is recommended to use the Paraglider whenever possible to control Link. All in all, Link can complete this task with just two hover stones, but using multiple ones will make the task easier. Depending on how much energy you have in your Energy Cell, you may have to perform this task much faster.
  • Once you have the orb on the higher ledge, grab one of the nearby hover stones and attach the orb to it. Be sure to activate the hover stone and use Ultrahand to grab it. Move it so that the orb fits right into the hole in the wall, opening the nearby gate.
  • Use Sidon's ability to splash water at the wheel and activate the faucet.

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Faucet - 1F - Northeast Platform

  • From the central platform, there are a pair of Strong Zonaite Spears near a water globule. Grab one of these spears and use Fuse with the water globule. Aim up above to the northeast and you'll find some sludge. Toss the water infused spear at the sludge and will cause a waterfall to appear. Glide over and swim up the waterfall.
  • Travel to the north and Link will find another large water globule that is descending. When it is at its lowest point, use Recall on it and then jump into the globule. Let it carry you up and then glide over to the higher ledge.
  • There is a nearby waterfall with a wheel nearby. Just underneath the wheel there are two platforms. Use Ultrahand to attach one of the platforms to the wheel. Then use ultrahand again and attach the other platform to the opposite side of the wheel. Grab one of the platform that is attached to the wheel and hold it under the waterfall. Once Link releases, with both platforms in the right locations, the wheel will continuously spin, generating electricity.
  • Follow the yellow line of power and you'll find there is a gap. This can be filled with a water globule. Grab the nearby water globule and place it right in the gap. This will cause electricity to flow through, unlocking the gate. Use Sidon's ability to activate the faucet.

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Faucet - 1F - East Platform

  • A Fire Like can be found on an eastern platform. Use Sidon's Power of Water ability to get rid of the fire and then defeat the Like Like. Use Ascend to climb up to the higher platform. Defeat the enemy Soldier Construct and ChuChus to make this part a bit easier.
  • There is a rapidly spinning tower, along with a pair of nearby hover stones. This puzzle can be completed without moving any of the hover stones. Link can jump up to the higher hover stone. From there he can leap off an pull out an arrow. Wait until the spinning platform turns so the opening faces Link. Inside there is a bunch of sludge, and if Link attaches a Splash Fruit to his arrow, he can clear the sludge. Alternatively, Link will need to use another hover stone to get closer and then use Sidon's water ability.
  • Once the sludge is removed, repeat the same process of climbing up the hover stones. This time leap off and with the sludge gone, Link can hit the target, causing the nearby gate to open. Use Sidon's ability to activate the faucet.

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