Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Great Plateau

The Great Plateau is the first region of the game where Link begins his quest. After awakening at the Shrine of Resurrection, Link ventures out into the Great Plateau and he must complete the first four Shrines to progress onward.

1.1 Great Plateau Tower

The game begins with a voice summoning Link to awake in some desolate cave. Wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, Link will awake within the Shrine of Resurrection. Wander over to a nearby pedestal to collect the Sheikah Slate, a mysterious tablet that will guide you along on your quest. This will trigger a nearby door to open up, so run on through.

Here you will find a pair of treasure chests containing an Old Shirt and some Well-Worn Pants, giving our hero some much needed clothing. Run ahead and hold the Sheikah Slate up to the pedestal, causing the nearby door to open up. Run ahead and climb up the rock to get outside, and you’ll find yourself at the Great Plateau.

After an overview of the world, Link will see an Old Man in the distance walking towards a building. At this point you can navigate the world as you please, finding some Tree Branches, Hylian Shrooms, climbing up some rocks, interacting with your environment, and just getting use to your surroundings. Afterwards, makes your way over and speak with the Old Man. He talks about the Great Plateau and how it is the birthplace of Hyrule. He gives you glimpse of the nearby Temple in the distance. You can run over to these ruins to find the Temple of Time.

After awhile the voice who awoke you will speak again, and will highlight a place on the map, using your Sheikah Slate. Make your way over to the location and place the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal. This will activate the Sheikah Towers found all throughout the land, soaring them into the skies and giving Link a grander view of the region. Link will appear at the Great Plateau Tower.

After leaving the Great Plateau Tower, you will be joined once again by the Old Man. He gives you the backstory of Calamity Ganon, who appeared 100 years ago and brought ruin and destruction to the land. The Old Man indicates that you are not able to leave the Plateau unless you have a Paraglider. He offers to trade you as long as you acquire a treasure from a secret Shrine that has appeared in the distance.

1.2 Oman Au Shrine

After raising the Resurrection Tower, the Old Man will tell Link that in order to leave the Great Plateau, he must acquire the Paraglider. The Old Man offers to trade him his Paraglider, but Link must first conquer four of the nearby Shrines. These can be done in any order, but the one that the Old Man points you towards is the Oman Au Shrine. Make your way over and once you arrive, place the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal to enter the Shrine.

Here you will find the Magnesis Trial. Run over to the pedestal and insert the Sheikah Slate to get the Magnesis Rune. This allows Link to pickup and interact with metallic objects. Use Magnesis to lift the two large metallic rectangles that are on the ground floor, revealing a pathway. Drop down below and climb out of the water if you’ve fallen down. Run ahead and climb the steps.

Here you will find a large wall and looking at it, one of the blocks is different than the rest. Use Magnesis to pull the block out, causing the rest of the blocks to come tumbling down.

Watch out for the small guardian enemy that is roaming around. If you stand in one spot long enough it will aim its focus and shoot a beam at you. Run over and slash away to defeat the enemy. Alternatively, you can use Magnesis to control the block and push the enemy down into the water, destroying it in the process.

There is a Metal Plate on the ground here and it serves as a bridge to the next platform. Run across and then use Magnesis to carry the Metal Plate over, using it as a bridge to get further across.

If you turn to the left you can see a treasure chest on a higher platform. Use Magnesis to grab the treasure chest and pull it towards you. Open it up to get some treasure. Up ahead there are two massive metallic doors. Use Magnesis to pull the doors open, allowing you to pass.

Run ahead and tap on the wall to speak with the Monk, Oman Au. He is the one that has setup the trial and as a reward for your accomplishment, he will give you a Spirit Orb. A Monk will be found at the end of every trial.

You will then be warped back to the outside of the Shrine. At this point, now that you have the Magnesis Rune, you can interact with all sorts of objects in the Overworld. You can control large boxes and toss them into the air, destroying them to find rewards. You can also pull up metallic treasure chests from underwater to uncover some more goodies.

1.3 Ja Baij Shrine

The second shrine is located at the east end of the Great Plateau found in the Eastern Abbey region. It is located in a bit of a maze area that is surrounded by inactive Guardians. However, as you draw near, one of the Guardians does in fact come alive and will shoot a massive beam of energy towards you after locking on. The path to the shrine is blocked off by a large boulder. Your best bet is to go to the backside of the shrine and you can climb the wall. Alternatively, you can use the Guardian’s beam to blast through the boulder. Once beyond the wall, place the Sheikah Stone into the pedestal to open the entrance to the next Shrine.

Here we are at Shrine Ja Baij, also known as the Bomb Trial. Run over and place the Sheikah Stone into the pedestal and you’ll acquire the Bomb Rune. This will allow Link to use Remote Bombs, both in the spherical form and the cubic bomb. The difference between the two bombs is that spherical bombs will roll down cliffs and can be thrown, where as cubic bombs will be stationary and won’t move. With both bombs, you can detonate them at any point.

In the first room there are a pair of boulders that can be blown up and you can use either type of bomb. Take the path to the right and blowup some more boulders to find a treasure chest that contains some goodies.

Blowup up the boulders that were on the left and climb the ladder to progress onward to the next room. Here you will find a moving platform and there are some more large boulders that are blocking your path. You want to use a spherical bomb here so that it won’t roll off the moving platform. Place the bomb at the edge of the moving platform and then return to a safe distance. When the platform moves next to the boulders, blow it up to get by.

In the next area, you will see some devices that shoot out in a direction. The first one you see on the left has a small tunnel where you can drop a spherical bomb into. The bomb will launch across the room and you can detonate the bomb to blast away at some boulders.

Before progressing, head to the other side of the room where there are a pair of these launching devices. You can have one of the them launch you to the other side to reach another treasure chest that contains some treasure.

Now drop down to the ground floor and make your way over to the ladder. With the boulders above now out of the way, climb on up and make your way over to the Monk. Just like the Monk from the previous Shrine, he will bestow upon you a Spirit Orb.

You can now wander around the Great Plateau, using your Remote Bombs to find a wide variety of goodies.

1.4 Ke Numut Shrine

Shrine Ke Numut is located at the west portion of the Great Plateau, just to the west of the Hylia River and northwest of Mt. Hylia. The Shrine is located at the peak of the mountain in this area, just near a small lake. The area around the Shrine is cold, so you will either need some proper clothing to handle the cold, or you’ll need to eat a food mixture that will increase Link’s tolerance to the weather. The main ingredient needed to raise your body temperature is Spicy Peppers, so be sure to grab those if you find them. Once you reach the shrine, place the Sheikah Stone into the pedestal.

You will arrive at Shrine Ke Numut, otherwise known as the Cryonis Trial. Run on over to the pedestal and place your Sheikah Slate to get it infused with the Ice Pillar Rune. This will give Link the Cryonis ability, which allows Link to build ice pillars. There is a small pond of water and if you use Cryonis, you can create a pillar of ice. Climb up the ice and onto the adjacent platform.

Run ahead and you’ll find a gate that is just above a pond of water. Use Cryonis to create an ice pillar right underneath the gate, and the pillar will cause the gate to rise up, allowing you to pass.

You’ll then run into a small guardian enemy. You can use Cryonis to create an ice pillar, preventing its beam from hitting you. Run on over and defeat the enemy. Just to the side there is a small nook that contains a treasure chest. Uses Cryonis to create a pillar and climb up to reach the treasure chest.

At the end of this path, you’ll find a platform that is lying on the ground. Just beneath it on the right, use Cryonis to great a pillar, causing the platform to turn into a ramp and allow you to climb up it.

Run over to the end of the Shrine where you will find the Monkey. Just as the previous Monks, Ke Numut will give you a Spirit Orb for completing the trial.

Once you exit the Shrine, you can get a nearby treasure chest that was surrounded by water by using Cryonis to reach it. You can use the ability wherever you see water and it will allow you to reach an assortment of new areas throughout the Great Plateau.

1.5 Owa Daim Shrine

The Shrine Owa Diam is located at the south-central portion of the Great Plateau, at the south-eastern edge of the Mt. Hylia region of the map. It is located atop a hill, so you will have to climb up a cliff to reach it. The cliff itself is too high for you to reach in one shot, but there are several landing spots where you can rest up so you don’t tire out. Continuing climbing up until you reach the shrine. Per usual, once you arrive use the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to open up the entrance.

Once you arrive, run over to the Pedestal and place your Sheikah Slate to get the Distilling Rune. This will allow you to use the Stasis ability, which allows objects stopped in time to store kinetic energy. When time resumes, this energy will be expelled, which can cause even the largest of objects to get launched across a room.

The massive gear on the left side of the room is causing the nearby platform to rotate. Wait until the platform is level and then use Stasis on the gear, freezing it in time momentarily. Quickly run across before the gear re-activates.

Run ahead and you’ll see a massive ball rolling down a narrow bridge. Once the ball passes you, quickly run up the bridge. Look ahead and you’ll see a second ball ready to roll down. Use Stasis to freeze it momentarily and quickly run up the bridge and off to the side to avoid the ball.

Before progressing further, there is still one more goodie for us to find here. Wait until the ball rolls by and then quickly run up to the top of the ramp where the balls first appear. Here you will find a treasure chest with some goodies.

Run ahead and you’ll see a large Iron Sledgehammer sitting against the wall. Be sure to pick it up as we’ll need a heavy duty weapon. Up ahead the path is blocked off by a stationary ball in the middle of the ramp. Use Stasis to freeze the object. In the few moments before it re-activates, use the Iron Sledgehammer to hit the ball several times. This will store the energy and once time resumes, the ball will be launched ahead.

At this point you can run ahead to reach the Monk. Like the previous ones, he will give you a Spirit Orb for completing the trial.

Back in the Overworld, the Stasis ability can be used on a variety of objects. Its fun to use it on the nearby rock and launch it all the way across the map. Feel free to play around in the Overworld, but then on to the next Shrine.