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Hyrule is a kingdom in The Legend of Zelda series that serves as the setting for the majority of games.

The Legend of Zelda

Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda is huge, yet empty. The only people found here are the Old Man and the Old Woman in caves, and monsters who are found across the land. It is mostly made of a mountain range surrounding a forest area with a Graveyard to the west. Caves lead to dungeons and shops.

The Adventure of Link

Hyrule in The Adventure of Link is similar to how it is in the original The Legend of Zelda, but it now has towns and many more inhabitants. It still contains many monsters, caves, and dungeons.

A Link to the Past

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Ocarina of Time

Hyrule in Ocarina of Time is very different from the previous three. Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Castle Town are both located in the north. Hyrule Field and Lon Lon Ranch are located in the center. Death Mountain, Zora's Domain, Kokiri Forest, and the six dungeons are all located in the east side of Hyrule. The south part of Hyrule is Lake Hylia as well as the Water Temple. The west side of Hyrule is the Gerudo Desert, along with the Spirit Temple. With Link's horse companion, Epona, he can travel around Hyrule faster. Hyrule has many visual differences between when Link is a child and when he is an adult. When Link is a child, Hyrule is bright, the Market and Kakariko Village are full of people and open shops. Seven years later, the market is deserted with nothing left but ReDeads and all shops have been moved to Kakariko Village. Death Mountain has a large fiery cloud around it when Link is an adult. This is different than the normal cloud around the mountain when Link is a child.

Four Swords

Hyrule in Four Swords only has five areas (seven in Anniversary Edition): Chambers of Insight, Sea of Trees, Talus Cave, Death Mountain and Vaati's Palace (Anniversary Edition includes Realm of Memories and Hero's Trial).

Four Swords Adventures

Hyrule in Four Swords Adventures is divided by levels like Four Swords, but is much more expanded.

The Wind Waker

Hyrule in The Wind Waker has been flooded and most of its residents have fled to the mountains, which have now become islands. The only dry area is Hyrule Castle, which is protected by the Goddesses. Hyrule Castle houses the Master Sword.

The Minish Cap

Hyrule in The Minish Cap is divided into small sections. Hyrule Town and Hyrule Castle are located in the center. Minish Woods, Lake Hylia, and Cloud Tops are located in the east. Mt. Crenel and Castor Wilds are located in the west.

Twilight Princess

Hyrule in Twilight Princess is divided into four main provinces. Ordona Province and Faron Province are located in the south. Lanayru Province is located in the center of the whole kingdom and Castle Town and Hyrule Castle are both located there.

Note that the Wii version of Twilight Princess is flipped west/east in comparison to the Nintendo GameCube and Twilight Princess HD versions. In the latter Eldin Province is located to the east, while Gerudo Desert and Snowpeak are part of the west side. In the Wii version, Eldin is in the west, and the Desert Province and Peak Province are to the east.

Spirit Tracks

Main article: New Hyrule

Hyrule in Spirit Tracks is found in the form of New Hyrule. It is divided into five sections, which are connected by railroad tracks. The areas include: the Forest Realm (Southwest), the Snow Realm (Northwest), the Ocean Realm (Southeast), the Fire Realm (Northeast), and the Sand Realm between the Ocean and the Fire Realms. The Tower of Spirits is located right in the center of all five areas.

A Link Between Worlds

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Breath of the Wild

Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is in ruin after the Great Calamity put it to destruction. It is divided into 15 regions, which all have towers that you can activate to fill your map. These regions include: Akkala, Eldin, Gerudo Wasteland, Hateno, Lanayru, Central Hyrule, Faron, Woodland, Hebra, Ridgeland, Dueling Peaks, Gerudo Highlands, Great Plateau, Lake, and Tabantha. It is filled with monsters as an effect of the Great Calamity, and has many ruins that were victims of the Great Calamity. It also has many towns that survived the Great Calamity, including Hateno Village and Kakariko Village.

Age of Calamity

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Tears of the Kingdom

The Hyrule of Tears of the Kingdom looks a lot like the map of its predecessor (Breath of the Wild) Though, with The Upheaval a lot of things changed: Giant rocks fell from the sky and are now all around, there are now Sky Islands to go to and Chasms opened up that lead to The Depths.